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Chapter 13-15 Vocab

Oxford Latin Course (No quantity marks)

lavo, -are I wash
exerceo, -ere I exercise, train
cano, -ere I sing
contendo, -ere I walk, march, hasten
gero, -ere I carry; I wear
tempto, -are I try
bellum gero, -ere I wage war
dedo, -ere I give up, surrender
repello, -ere I drive back
circumvenio, -ire I surround
volo, velle I wish, am willing
nolo, nolle I am unwilling, I refuse
familia, -ae family, household
gloria, -ae glory
locus, -i peace
populus, -i people
carmen, carminis song
centurio, centurionis centurion
flos, floris flower
imperator, imperatoris general
iuvenis, iuvenis young man
legio, legionis legion
miles, militis soldier
parens, parentis parent
senex, senis old man
toga, -ae toga
auxilium, -i help
proelium, -i battle
civis, civis citizen
consul, consulis consul
dictator, dictatoris dictator
moenia, moenum walls
senatus, -us senate
eo (to) there, hither
hodie today
postea afterwards
haud not
postridie the next day
procul far
quomodo? how?
is, ea, id he; she it; that
quidam, quaedam, quoddam a certain, a both...and
hic, haec, hoc this
ipse, ipsa, ipsum self
pauper, pauperis poor
trans across
de about
evigilo, -are I wake up
excito, -are I rouse, awaken
invideo, -ere I envy
teneo, -ere I hold
colo, -ere I worship; I till
depono, -ere I put down
vivo, -ere I live
aura, -ae breeze, air
domina, -ae mistress
forma, -ae shape, beauty
maritus, -i husband
sonus, -i sound
arbor, arboris tree
lux, lucis light
vox, vocis voice
divinus, -a, -um divine
nullus, -a, -um no
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful
numquam never
umquam ever
si if
nemo, neminis no one
qui, quae, quod who, which
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