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M-I Products

Pre-mud school product memorization

Common NameM-I ProductPrimary Application
Caustic Potash (KOH) Caustic Potash Increase pH & K+
Lime Ca(OH)2 Lime Increase pH, Ca2+
Gypsum/Anhydrite (CaSO4) Gypsum Increase Ca2+
Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) Sodium Bicarbonate Treat Cement
Soda Ash (Na2CO3) Soda Ash Treat Hardness (Ca2+ & Mg2+
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate SAPP Top Hole Thinner
Citric Acid Citric Acid Decrease pH
Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Sodium Chloride Increase density, Cl-
Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Calcium Chloride Increase Cl-, density, lower Aw
Potassium Chloride (KCl) Potassium Chloride Increase Cl-, K+
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Magox Increase, buffer pH
BARITE Barium Sulfate (BaSO4) M-I BAR Increase Mud Density
HEMATITE Ferrous Oxide (Fe2O3) FER-OX Increase Mud Density
CALCIUM CARBONATE CaCO3 LO WATE & SAFECARB Bridging, Plugging and Weighting Agent
BENTONITE (Sodium Montmorillonite) M-I GEL Increase Viscosity, FC
BENTONITE (Non-Treated) M-I GEL SUPREME Increase Viscosity, FC
Lignite TANNATHIN FLC, Deflocculate Mud
Chrome Lignosulfonate SPERSENE Deflocculant (Contains Chrome)
Chrome Free Lignosulfonate SPERSENE CF Deflocculant (Chrome Free)
Causticised Chrome Lignate XP-20 HT FLC, thinner, mud stabilizer
Resin Treated Lignite RESINEX II HT FLC, mud stabilizer
Synthetic Resin (liquid) THERMEX HT FLC - (env)
Potassium Lignate K-17 FLC & K+
Sodium Polyacrylate SP-101 FLC/HT FLC
Polyacrylate (Low MW) TACKLE Thinner/Deflocculant
PHPA (Partially hydrolyzed Polyacrylimide) POLY-PLUS RD Encapsulate Clays
PAC (Poly Anionic Cellulose) POLYPAC FLC, Viscosity
PAC (extra low viscosity) POLYPAC ELV FLC
Carboxy Methyl Cellulose CMC (Tech Grade) FLC, Viscosity
Corn Starch MY-LO-JEL FLC
Potato Starch POLY SAL HT FLC
Sodium Carboxy Methyl Starch UNITROL FLC w/ low viscosity
Xantham Gum (Biopolymer) DUO-VIS LSRV
Starch Derivative FLO-TROL FLC
Clarified Biopolymer FLO-VIS PLUS LSRV
Non-Clarified Biopolymer FLO-VIS NT FSRV in Reservoir Drill-In Fluids (RDF)
Bentonite Extender GELEX Viscosity
Clay Flocculant FLOXIT Selectively Flocculate Clays
Sulfonated Asphalt ASPHASOL SUPREME Shale Inhibitor, HTHP FLC
Low Toxicity Glycol GLYDRIL Inhibit Shale, Lubricity, HTHP FLC
Anionic Polymer/Lignite blend SHALE CHEK Shale Control
Potassium Acetate K-52 Inhibit Shale, K+
Polyamino Acid Solution KLA CURE Clay Hydration Suppressant
Alkyl Ammonium Solution KLA GARD Clay Hydration Suppressant
Alkyl Ammonium Solution (Cl- free) KLA GARD-B Clay Hydration Suppressant
Liquid Polyamine ULTRAHIB Shale Inhibitor
Synthetic Aliphatic Hydrocarbon ULTRAFREE Accretion Inhibitor, ROP Enhancer
Cationic Acrylamide Copolymer ULTRACAP Encapsulator (in Ultradril System)
Water-dispensible blended amine CONQOR 101 Fresh water packer fluid additive
Persistent Filming Amine CONQOR 202-B Wipe on pipe, slug treatment
Brine Soluble Filming Amine CONQOR 303-A Packer Fluids, Clear Brines (no Zn)
Phosphorous-based Corrosion Inhibitor CONQOR 404 Corrosion preventer in WB muds
55% Ammonium Bisulfate OS-1L Oxygen Scavenger
Scale Inhibitor SI-1000 Scale Inhibitor
12% Zinc (liquid) SV-120 H2S Scavenger (low [H2S])
Zinc Oxide ZnO H2S Scavenger
25% Gluteraldehyde X-CIDE102/GREENCIDE 25-G Bactericide
Clay Viscosifier VG-69 Vis, Gels, Filter Cake Quality
Premium Clay Viscosifier VG-PLUS Vis, Gels, Filter Cake Quality
Sag-Reducing Additive VG-SUPREME Reduces Sag Potential in NAF
High Temperature Clay VERSAGEL-HT Maintains HT Vis in NAF
OBM Emulsifier VERSAMUL Emulsion in Conventional OBM
OBM Emulsifier/Wetter VERSACOAT Wet in Conv. Emul. in Relaxed
OBM Wetting Agent VERSAWET Wetting Agent in Relaxed OBM
Amine Treated Lignite VERSALIG HTHP FLC in OBM
OBM Thinner VERSATHIN (HF) Thinner - OBM
Rheological Modifier VERSAMOD Increased LSRV in OBM
Polymeric Viscosifier (NAF) HRP Sacrificial/Supplemental vis in NAF
Olefin-based SBM Emulsifier SUREMUL PLUS Emulsifier, HTHP FLC, Vis.
Olefin-based SBM Wetting Agent SUREWET Wetting Agent - SBM
SBM Rheological Modifier SUREMOD LSRV in olefin-based SBM
SBM Thinner SURETHIN Thinner for olefin-based SBM
Special Wetting Agent SWA Reverses Water Wetting
Strong Emulsifying Surfactant M-I 157 Emulsifier & HTHP FLC
Polymeric FLC Agent (NAF) ECOTROL HTHP FLC Non-Aqueous Fluids
Emulsifier/Wetting Agent for Megadril System ONEMUL One-drum Emulsifier & Wetting Agent in Megadril
Dry (sack) Emul. and Wetting Agent ACTIMUL RD Emul, Wet, HTHP FLC (cold climates)
Emul & Wet'g agent for FAZE-PRO FAZE-MUL Primary Emul, Wet, Vis in FAZE-PRO
2nd Wetting Agent in FAZE-PRO FAZE-WET 2ndary wetting & FLC in FAZE-PRO
Breaker for FAZE-PRO FAZEBREAK Breaker system in FAZE-PRO
Rheol. Modifier w/ Flat Rheol Profile RHEFLAT Rheol. Modifier Rheliant system
Polymeric Viscosifier RHETHIK Vis, Rheol. Mod, Reduce Sag in Rheliant
Dispersant & Cond. for Rheliant RHEDUCE Reduces Vis and Gels in Rheliant
Polymeric Viscosifier for Rheliant RHEBUILD Temporary vis, Rheliant (100F)
Detergent for clean-up OBM.SBM CLEAN-UP Rig Clean up
Drilling Detergent D.D. Surfactant Emulsifier
Ester-based Defoamer DEFOAM-A De-foam Mud
Silicon-based Defoamer DEFORM-X De-foam Mud
Lubricant-reduced chance of stuck pipe DRILFREE Reduce torque, drag, stuck pipe
Low Toxicity detergent additive DRIL-KLEEN II Prevent Bit and BHA balling
Acid Soluble LCM Plug FORM-A-PLUG II Acid Soluble LCM Plug
Accelerator for (FAS) LCM FORM-A-SET ACC Accelerator for (FAS) LCM
Lost Circulation Material FORM-A-SET AK Cross-linked LCM Plug
Lost Circulation Material FORM-A-SET AKX Cross-linked LCM Plug w/Ca2CO3
Retarded for (FAS) LCM FORM-A-SET Ret Retarder for (FAS) LCM
Cross linker for (FAS) LCM FORM-A-SET XL Cross linker for (FAS) LCM
Low Toxicity Lubricant LUBE-100 Lubricate D.S. Reduce HTHP FL
All-purpose lubricant (ENV) LUBE-945, LUBE 167 reduce COF, torque/drag
Graphite Plugging Agent G-SEAL Treat LC, decrease torque/drag, FLC
LCM Blend M-I SEAL Treat Lost Circulation
Ground Mica MICA Treat Lost Circulation
Fibrous plugging and bridging agent M-I-X II Plug and Bridge perm. form.
Ground nut hulls NUT PLUG Treat Lost Circulation
ENVIRON. Stuck Pipe Spotting FLuid PIPE LAX ENV Free Stuck Pipe, ENV
Weighted stuck pipe spotting fluid PIPE LAX-W wt'd w/ barite; free stuck pipe
OIL BASE stuck pipe spotting fluid PIPE LAX OB free stuck pipe OBM/SBM
Caustic Soda (NaOH) Caustic Soda Increase pH
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