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Romulus & Remus (Women Have the Last Word -- 1st-3rd paragrphs)

princeps principis, m. = chieftain, leader; emperor
sum esse/fui/futurus = to be
imperium imperii, nt. = power to rule, authority
ille/illa/illud he/she/it
aedifico (1) aedificare/aedificavi/aedificatus = to build
urbs urbis, f. = city; often refers to Rome itself
novus nova, novum = new
suus sua, suum = his/her/its/their own
appello (1) appellare/appellavi/appellatus = to name, call by name
multitudo multitudinis, f. = crowd, multitude
homo hominis, m. = man, human being, person
propero (1) properare/properavi/properatus = to hurry, hasten
fugitivus fugitivi, m. = fugitive; refugee
finitimus finitima, finitimum = neighboring, nearby
populus populi, nt. = people, populace
do dare/dedi/datus = to give
incola incolae, m/f = inhabitant
libertas libertatis, f. = liberty, freedom
aequus aequa, aequum = equal, level; just
ius iuris, nt. = law, right; justice
etiam also; even
creo (1) creare/creavi/creatus = to create
centum 100 (Roman numeral C)
quoque also; too
iam now; already
firmus firma, firmum = firm; solid; robust, strong
gens gentis, f. = race, clan
bellum belli, nt. = war
par paris = like, alike, equal
cunctus cuncti, m. = all
ipse himself
sibi for himself/herself/itself/themselves
uxor uxoris, f. = wife
desidero (1) desiderare/desideravi/desideratus = to desire, want; wish for
studium studii, nt. = eagerness, enthusiasm, zeal
tum then, next
legatus legati, m. = ambassador, envoy, legate
nuntio (1) nuntiare/nuntiavi/nuntiatus = to announce
ludus ludi, m. = game, play; school
spectaculum spectaculi, nt. = spectacle
voco (1) vocare/vocavi/vocatus = to call; summon
liberi (pl.) liberorum, m. = children
laetitia laetitiae, f. = happiness
dum while, as long as
alacer alacris, -e = eager, spirited, quick, brisk
periculum periculi, nt. = danger, peril, risk
timeo timere/timui/--- = to fear, dread
signum signi, nt. = signal, sign
statim immediately
omnis omne, = each, every; (pl) all
Sabini (pl.) Sabinorum, m. = Sabines
servo (1) servare/servavi/servatus = watch over; protect, save
possum posse/potui/--- = to be able, can
arma (pl.) armorum, nt. = arms, weapons
sic thus, in this way
obtineo obtinere/obtinui/obtentus = to get hold of; maintain; obtain
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