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paramedic drugs

Descriptions: this is a shore-acting benzodiazepine with CNS depressant, muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, and anterograde amnestic effects MIDAZOLAM
Indications: to induse sedation before cardioversion or intubation MIDAZOLAM
Contraindications: hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines, narrow-angle glaucoma, shock, coma, acute alcohol intoxication MIDAZOLAM
Precautions: COPD, renal impairment, CHF, elderly MIDAZOLAM
Dosage/Route: 1-5 mg slow IV; .07 to .08 mg/kg IM (usually 5mg). ped: .05-.2 mg/kg IV: .1-.15 mg/kg IM; 3mg intranasal MIDAZOLAM
Description: this is a potent analgesic and sedative that causes some vasodilation, reducint venous return, and reduced myocardial oxygen demand MORPHINE
Indications: moderate to severe pain and in MI and to reduce venous return in pulmonary edema MORPHINE
Contraindications: hypersensitivity to opiates, undiagnosed head or abdominal injury, hypotension or volume depletion, acute bronchial asthma, COPD, severe respiratory depression, pulmonary edema due to chemical inhalation MORPHINE
Precautions: elderly, children, debilitated patients, naloxone should b readily available to counteract the effects of morphine MORPHINE
Dosage/Route: MI: 2-4 mg IV/IO every 5-15min Pain: 2-15 mg IV; 5-20 mg IM/subcutaneous. Ped: .05-.1 mg/kg IV; .1-.2 mg/kg IM/subcutaneous MORPHINE
Description: this is a synthetic narcotic analgesic equivalent to morphine, though its respiratory depression does not increase with higher doses NALBUPHINE
Indications: moderate to severe pain NALBUPHINE
Contraindications: hypersensitivity, undiagnosed head or abdominal injury NALBUPHINE
Precautions: impaired respirations, narcotic dependency NALBUPHINE
Dosage/Route: .4-2mg IV/IO/IM (2-2.5 times the dose ET), re/2-3 min as needed up to 10mg. Ped: .1-2 mg/kg IV/IO NALBUPHINE
Description: this is a pure narcotic antagonist that blocks the effects of both natural and synthetic narcotics and may reverse respiratory depression NALOXONE
Indications: narcotic and synthetic narcotic overdose, coma of unknown origin NALOXONE
Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the drug, non-narcotic-induced respiratory depression NALOXONE
Precautions: possible dependency (including newborns). it also has a half-life that is shorter than that of most narcotis; hence the patient may return to the overdose state NALOXONE
Dosage/Route: .4-2 mg IV/IM (2-2.5 times the dose ET) or .4-.8 mg IM/SQ repeated every 2 min as needed up to 10 mg. Ped: .1mg IV/IM (2-2.5x the dose ET) repeated every 2min as needed max of 2mg NALOXONE
Description: this is a calcium channel blocker that reduces coronary artery spasm in angina. it also decreases peripheral vascular resistance, blood pressure, and cardiac workload NIFEDIPINE
Indications: severe hypertension and angina NIFEDIPINE
Contraindications: hypersensitivity or hypotension NIFEDIPINE
Precautions: monitor blood pressure carefully, since it can drop significantly with nifedipine use NIFEDIPINE
Dosage/Route: one 10-20 mg capsule SL/PO NIFEDIPINE
Created by: rubtuge