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Essential Japs :D

Kanji 4me

toire toilet
tearai bathroom
tasukete Help
Wakarimasen I don't understand
yamate Stop it!
eigo English
keisatsu police
abunai dangerous
kiken peril/hazard
jikan time
shitsumon question
dare who
itsu when
hoteru hotel
doko where
kuukou airport
eki station
daigaku college
takushi taxi
uchi home
tabemono food
nomimono drink
resutoran restaurant
konbini convenience store
suupaa supermarket
arigatougozaimasu Thank you
sumimasen Excuse me
gomennasai Sorry
ikimasu to go
kaerimasu to return (home)
tabemasu to eat
shimasu to do
mimasu to see
kaimasu to buy
machimasu to wait
kakimasu to write
tomarimasu to stop
hanashimasu to speak
daijoubo okay
takai expensive/tall
ookii big/large
chiisai small
chikai near
tooi far
warui bad
tanoshii fun
atsui hot
samui cold
jouzu good at
heta bad at
ao blue
kuro black
midori green
kiiro yellow
shiro white
ketai cell phone
neto internet
persocon computer/laptop
gambatte Good luck/Work hard
tsukareta tired
shinkansen bullet train
kimi/anata you
douzou Go ahead
ongaku music
televi TV
aircon AC
okane money
ikura How much?
tomodachi friend
kiwo tsukete Be careful
migi right
hidari left
masugu straight
kita north
minami south
higashi east
nishi west
moichido onegai (shimasu) Please repeat!
Doitashimashite You're welcome
Created by: Tarayay