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important milestones

PEDI- growth and developement

2 weeks M: stares at face, turns to voice L: cries and responds to care *symmetrical movements P: respond to cry 2 months M: holds head erect *S: smiles in response to attention L: attentive to voice and quiets- differentiated cry P: reinforce trust by picking up and responding to infant
4 months M: lifts head/shoulder when on ABD, turns from back * holds rattle, lets go C: stares at own hands 4 months S: regards strangers with interest L: recognizes familiar sounds; laughs P: enjoys people
6 months M: raking grasps; sits with support, pull from sitting without head lag C: looks for fallen objects 6 months *L: babbles, excited by picture books, imitates sounds S: happy;playful; separation anxiety P: establish routines D: first tooth; birth weight doubles
9 months *M: thumb-finger or pincer grasps, grabs crayon or toy; sits stably' crawl (7mon), may stand C: inspects objects in puts in mouth S: plays pick-a-boo, pat-a-cake 9 months L: points to objects in book or in response to "where is" P: start child with spoon and finger foods
12 months M: 1st steps, helps dress self, puts blocks in box C: looks for hidden objects; enjoys short books repeatedly S: easily consoled; explores enjoys environment from security of parents lap 12 months L: jargoning; 1st word P: introduce strangers cautiously; let use cup D: birth weight triples; may prefer one hand
15 months *M: walks well; stacks blocks C: uses objects correctly in play; understands and follows parents directions S: dislikes new situation; enjoys being outdoors; use spoon well 15 months *L: has at least one word other than momma/dada P: mobile child- keep home safe
18 months M: walks backwards, pushes stroller or cart C: knows cause and effects- on/off; turn key; push buttons 18 months S: separation anxiety; when safe, regards others with curiosity *L: 6 words, points to desired object P: reassure child when leaving; use feeling words
24 months- 2 yrs *M walks up steps, throws ball overhand C: substation in play; understands consequences 24 months- 2 yrs *L: 2 word phrases; points to at least one body part; may "read" books P: everything is "no"- picks battles carefully D: 20 temporary teeth
30 months - 2.5 yrs *M: copies a circle, walks down steps *C: combines play actions S: dresses self w/help; daytime dryness; train bowel then bladder; independent explorer L: names body parts P: naturally curiuos-introduce child to new activites/food 3 yrs *M: jumps with both feet off floor; dress self and brush teeth C: name 2 colors; increased attention span S: plays with others; enjoys pre-school L: can say full name,sits for stories; follows 2 prepositional commands P: provide playtime with p
4 yrs M: coordinated actions; hop, jump, skip, catch, throw C: talks for doll or truck; assigns roles; understands feelings; imaginative S: can take turns; enjoys active play 4 yrs L: can express emotions with words; * uses proper grammar in sentences; pretends to read/write P: able to do some chores; enjoys responsibility D: birth length doubles
5 yrs *M: balance one foot for 5 secs; copies square and triangle C: enjoys imaginary play; separates fantasy from real S: plays with others w/minimal supervision 5 yrs *L: correct use of I,yours,them; imaginative stories P: firmness in non-negotiable issues; needs reasonable limits
6-8 yrs M: increase in strength and coordination; improved fine motor skills such as writing and coloring C: counts, knows basic math, value of money, reads with understanding and ideas such as alike and different; learns to spell 6-8 yrs S: best friends; enjoys playing games; likes school L: fluent in language; reads well P: obtain library card; assign chores; give allowance
9-12yrs M: eye-hand coordination well developed C: knows sequences; draws 3 dimensionally; understands fractions and abstract thought 9-12 yrs S: a world of school and peers' plays team sports L: spells accurately; memorizes well; can participate in adult conversation P: needs time for friends, responds to praise and likes to earn money
12+ yrs physical changes-preparing for adulthood mental changes-egocentric; career and education choices social changes- dating-working; relationships outside of family most important
Created by: sahardy
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