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Stems Lists 44-50

Stack #122520

eschatology theology of last things
opribrium disgrace
commiserate sympathize
malfeasance public misconduct
aquiline eaglelike
constermonger vegetable vender
gynocracy government of women
tenebrous dark and gloomy
superego unconscious conscience
expostulate to earnestly object
monograph paper on one subject
lacustrine of lakes
pungent sharp
megalomania dilusions of greatness
syndrome complex of symptoms
euphemism pleasant name
dissonant inharmonious
refulgent shining
mal de mer sea sickness
timocracy government based on honor
neophilia love of the new
mea culpa my fault
fulgeration flashing
repartee quick, witty reply
dissident one who disagrees
subliminal below consciousness
solicitude state of concern
antediluvian from before the Flood!
panegyric elaborate eulogy
induction factual reasoning
fractious unruly
insurgence uprising
inamorata mistress
interpolate insert
discern to mentally separate, identify
misnomer wrong name
chauvinism fanatical devotion
inexpugnable unconquerable
etiology cause of or science of causes
hebetude state of dullness
axiology study of value
congeries heap
Sinology study of China
nonenity a nobody
prognosis medical forecast
entomology insect zoology
perspicacity insight
synthesis combination
mobocracy mob rule
nom name
subjurgate bring under the yoke
efulgence shining out
replete filled
querulous full of complaint
subjacent underlying
symposium conference
emmololate sacrifice
nomothetic lawgiving
effusion outpouring
condign worthy
invective bitter denunciation
refractory stubborn
acrophobia fear of heights
pharisaism hypocracy
neurasthenic nervous exhaustion
proscenium stage foward of curtain
epistle long instructive letter
anachronistic misplaced in time
feceulent foul
feckless without effect
anapest 3 syllable foot, stress on third
contratemps embarasing mishap
hyperbole overstatement
paradign model
germane related
filigree lacy design
chronic lasting
paragon excellent model
antipathy strong dislike
abyss bottomless fissure
dissemble conceal through pretense
insidious sly
impecunious poor
kinesiology make blissfully happy
execrate dennounce or curse
ne plus ultra peak of perfection
vociferous loud
corpulent fullbodied
perihelion orbital point nearest the sun
cryptic having hidden meaning
sanctimonious affectedly holy
simul feign
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