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Argylls Law 4 TSE

Crime A punishable offense against society
Vicarious Criminal Liability When a corporate employee breaks the law
Felony A crime punishable by confinement of more than a year in prison or by a fine of more than $1,000, or both--or even death
Misdemeanor A punishable crime by confinement to a county or city jail for less than one year and can be fined less than $1,000.
White-Collar Crimes Crimes committed in the business world
Probable Cause I reason to search
Defense I legal position taken by the accused
Procedural Defenses Problems in which the evidence is contained
Substantive Defenses Disprove, Justify, or excuse the alleged crime
Self-Defense The use of the force to protect ones self
Immunity Freedom from prosecution
Contempt of Court An action that hinders the administration of justice
Punishment Any penalty provided by law and imposed by court
Plea Bargain Someone may plead guilty to a less serious crime in exchange for having a more serious charge dropped
Indictment A written accusation declaring that there is sufficient evidence to try the identified individual for a specific crime
Arraignment After an arrest this is the type of hearing
Preliminary Hearing If a plea is "not guilty" this is the type of hearing
Bail Cost of release
Subpoena A Summons
Voir Dire A preliminary exam for jurors
Verdict The decision of the court
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