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G. F. Handel

George Friedrich Handel: Messiah

life date 1685-1759
Birthplace halle, Germany
Studied Law at university of Halle
famous works: Almira, Nero, Giulio cesare, serses(operas) tamerlano, rodelinda, alcina, (composed in London)
Worked for what princes: Prince Ferdinand de Medici. Prince Francesco maria Ruspoli
Visited what major cities Florence, Rome, Naples, venice
Appointed Kappelmeister to: George Ludwig (Future King George), who was elected king in 1714
What royal patron awarded Handel a salary? Queen Anne
Co-founded what famous academy The Royal Academy Of Music, in London(1719)
Worked with two famous singers, (Who got in quite a catfight) Faustina Bordoni, Francesca Cuzzoni
The Beggars Opera was run, with how many performances in first run? 62
Moved from opera to ________ Oratorio
Oratorio Large-scale work, usually based on biblical texts, written for singers
french Overture in two parts, first slow, second fast
Recitative speechlike, narrating sort of style of singing
Recitative secco Italian for "dry recitative, supported only by continuo,
Recitative accompagnato Italian for "Accompanied recitative" accompanied by orchestra
Libretto lyrics
other patrons earl of Burlington, duke of chandos
style very religious, used large chords in music to make it appealing, cosmopolitan style, absorbed international currents, used homophonic and polyphonic textures
places of employment hamburg (1703), Italy(1706), Hanover(1710), London(1712 to death)
wrote music for coronation of king George II
premiere of messiah 1742, Dublin Ireland
Created by: olaurie