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Latin 9wks project

Words and phrases that relate to interests, pursuits, and goals

medicus doctor, physician
rememdium cure, remedy, nostrum, medicine
curatio medical attention, healing, curing
ludo lusi lusum to play, sport
ludus game, sport
morbus sickness, disease, illness
aeger sick, ill
schola school
scientia science
alo nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain, keep
navis ship, vessel, boat
nauta sailor
militaris of a soldier, military, martial
fidens confident, without fear, courageous
semper fidelis always faithful
Non Sibi Sed Patriae Not for self but for country
vincere to win
coquus cook
cibus food
cena dinner
coquere to cook
agitare to hunt
certamen contest
consumere to eat
currere to run
Corpus curare spiritumque To care for the body and its breath of life
Mens sana in corpora sano Healthy mind in a healthy body
Vincat Scientia Morbos Let knowledge conquer disease
Habenda ratio valetudinis We must pay attention to our health
doctus educated, learned, skillful
effigies image, statue
pictor artist
pictura painting, picture
exercitus army
faber craftsman
mare sea
medicina medicine
milito be a soldier
navigare to sail
pingere to paint
sanrare to heal or cure
ducis leader
pugil boxer
cura care
salus health
febris fever
operatio operation
pugnare to fight
sanguis blood
militis soldier
Created by: kssharpie