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Latin Project

4th 9 Weeks

A cruce salus From the cross comes salvation
Soli Deo Gloria glory to God alone
in libris libertas in books (there is) freedom
* insanabile cocoethes scribendi/cacoethes scribendi an incurable passion to write (Juvenal)
scribo write
stilis pen
laudant illa,sed ista legunt Some (writing) is praised, but other is read (Martialis)
mens sana in corpore sano A sound mind in a sound body (Juvenalis)
Nisis credideritis, non intelligitis Unless you will have believed, you will not understand (St. Augustine)
Non omnes qui habemt citharam sunt citharoedi Not all those who own a musical instrument are musicians (Bacon)
Non omnia possumus omnes Not all of us are able to do all things. (Virgil)
Non omnis moriar Not all of me will die (Horace)
Non scholae sed vitae discimus We do not live for school, but for life. (Seneca)
Non semper erit aestas It will not always be summer
animus soul, spirit
athleta athlete
certo, certare compete
Created by: flippin4turtles