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Latin - Pharmacy

Pharmacy related latin vocab

borax, boracis, 1 f., borax
ammonium, -i, n., ammonium
cortex, corticis, m. bark
ammonia, -ae, f., ammonia capsula, -ae, f. capsule
myrrha, -ae, f., myrrh pilula, -ae, f. pill
calcium, -i, n. calcium
curare, n., indecl., curare fel, fellis, n., gall, bile
amarus, -a, -um, adj. bitter
compositus, -a, -um, adj. com- pound
herba, -ae, f. herb
carbasus, -i, f. gauze sleep
pulveratus, -a, -um powdered
exsiccatus, -a, -um dried
contusus, -a, -um bruised
compressus, -a, -um compressed
roborans strengthening
dividendus, -a, -um to be divided
servandus, -a, -um to be pre- served
rectificatus, -a, -um rectified
liquefactus, -a, -um liquefied
auristallae ear drops
capsula a capsule
capsula amylacea a cachet
cataplasma a poultice
cereolus an urethral bougie
charta a powder
collunarium a nose wash
collutorium a mouth wash
collyrium an eye lotion
cremor a cream
emplastrum a plaster
emulsio an emulsion
enema an enema
gargarisma a gargle
gelatina a jelly
guttae drops
haustus a draught
inhalatio an inhalation
injectio an insufflation
linctus a linctus
linimentum a liniment
liquor a solution
lotio a lotion
mistura a mixture
naristillae nasal drops
nebula a spray solution
oblatum a cachet
oculentum an eye ointment
pasta a paste
ante cibum before meals
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