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who is genarlow wilson? a teen that had oral sex with a minor and was sent to prison then the supreme court overruled the vertices and was set free
what is social process theory? people are shaped by their interactions with social institutions.
what is social learning theroy people learn the techniques and attitudes of crime from close relationships with criminal peers
what is social control theroy everyone has cam become a criminality it often occurs when society are weak or broken
labeling theroy people become criminals when significant members of society label them such and they accept those label as a personal idenity
four institutions of socialization family relation education preers religious
15% of kids are what in school bullied
family relations supportive parent can decrease deviant behaiovr
peer more time with friends lead to importunity for deviant behaiovr
religious higher church attended can lower deviant be havior
Edwin sutherland principles of criminology criminal behavior is learned from interactions with others
neutralization theory Gresham and David matza- criminals learn to neutralize conventional values so they can engage in criminal behavior
neutralization techniques denial of responsibility,injury,victim
social control theory people are socialized not to commit ddelinquency
travis hirsi social bonding theory
four elements keep someone from committing crime attachment,commitment,involvement and belief
jess james hollywood kidnapping and murder 1 movie alpha dogs
self fulfilling prophecy gas light
primary a norm violation or crime that has little or no influence on the violator
secondary a norm violation or crime that comes to the attention of significant other or social control agents
devance amplifacation pushes offender out of main stream society and locks them into an escalating cycle of deviance
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