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resp disease treatme

respiratory disease treatment

ARDS mech vent using PEEP, antibiotics, morphine, pavulon, steroids
ARF O2, mech vent, morphine, ativan, bronchodilators, pavulon (neuromuscular blocking agent) steroid
abestosis chest physiotherapy; ^ fluids, O2, mech vent, antibiotics, mucomyst
asphyxia bronchoscopy (for extraction of foreign body), O2, endotracheal intubation, mechanical vent, naloxone, asthma, ^ fluids, beta adrenergics (epiniphrine), bronchodilators (theophylline, atrovent), cromolyn
atelectasis bronchoscopy, chest physiotherapy, albuterol, mucumyst
bronchiectasis bronchoscopy, chest physiotherapy, O2, antibiotics, albuterol
chronic bronchitis ^ fluids, intubate, mech vent, antibiotics, theophylline, albuterol, flu and pneumovax vaccines, steroids
cor pulmonale O2 by mask or cannula, digoxin (cardiac glycoside), lasix (diuretic to reduce edema), vasodilators, calcium channel blocker (cardizem), ACE inhibitor (Captopril)
emphysema chest physiotherapy, IS, postural drainage, ^ fluids, O2, antibiotics, bronchodilators (theophylline), flu and pneumovax vaccine, steroids
legionnaire's disease antibiotcs (erythromhycin, rifadin) and antipyretics (tylenol, aspirin)
Lung cancer lobectomy, pneumonectomy, antineoplastics
pleural effusion and empyema thoracentesis (remove fluid), thoracotomy, antibiotc
pleurisy bed rest, analgesics (percocet), anti-inflammatories
pneumocystis carinii pneumona O2 with endotracheal intubation and mech vent
pneumonia antibiotics
pneumothorax and hemothorax chest tube to water-seal drainage
pulmonary embolism vena cava filter insertion; anticoagulants (heparin, warfarin), fibrinolytics (streptokinase, urokinase)
respiratory acidosis sodium bicarbonate in severe cases
respiratory alkalosis breathe into paper bag to relieve anxiety and increase CO2 levels
sarcoidosis low calcium diet, avoid sunlight, O2, steroid
tuberculosis airborne precautions wear respirator with high efficiency perticulate air filter, antituberculars (INH, rifadin, ethambutol)
Created by: bryantd9