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J. S. Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach: Well Tempered Clavier

life date 1685-1750
What is significant about his stay in lubeck met famous Dietrich Buxtehude, stayed extra three months
Married to: Maria Barbara, later married Anna Magdalena Wilcke
Kappelmeister to: Prince Leopold of Cothen
What university program did he become director of? in Leipzig, taught at Collegium Musicum
what genres did he work in All genres, except opera
famous works notebook for anna Magdalena(keyboard works), Goldberg variations(large-scale work)
prelude short keyboard work, improvisory style
fugue imitative contrapuntal composition,single theme prevails
subject initial statement of a main theme of a fugue, tonic key
answer second statement of main theme, usually in dominant key
episode a passage within a fugue in which neither subject nor answer is present
stretto overlapping subject entries in close succession, meaning "to tighten"
Tierce de Picardie Work in minor key ends in Major
Genre keyboard music
significance of title well-tempered refers to new tuning system, clavier is german word for any keyboard instrument
places of career Arnstadt, Weimar, Cothen, Leipzig
significant patrons, composers... dietrich Buxtehude, Prince Leopold of Cothen,
birthplace Eisenach, germany
style Lutheran background present in his works, dedicated works to the "glory of god",
significance of stay in Cothen? Calvinist views influenced his writing, did not perform in churches, prince leopold did not allow religious works to be written
key of well tempered clavier? b flat,
prelude description AB style, homophonic and polyphonic, includes tight 32nd passages which are outlined with arpeggiated dominant 7ths
fugue description begins with subject outline, followed by added countersubjects/tonal answer. leads into episode of g minor with c minor answer. after episode goes back to main theme, finishing with powerful four measure close
arnstadt1703-1708 Career as violinist, chamber musician, organist. Granted leave from position to see dietrich Buxtehude of lubeck, stayed extra three months without permission. Married maria Barbara, had two children, grew to be successful
Weimar 1708-1717 court organist chamber musician to duke of Weimar, increase of fame, composed for Lutheran church, (cantatas, chorales) accepted salary to work in cothen, angered duke of Weimar resulting in month of jail
Cothen 1717-1723 kappelmeister to prince leopold of cothen, Calvinist views influenced music, did not perform in churches, well tempered clavier written book 1 (1722), death of maria Barbara, remarried anna Magdalena, had two more sons
Leipzig 1723-1750 appointed canto of saint Thomas school, became director of collegium musicum (1729), wrote the Goldberg variations, well tempered clavier book 2, visited Frederick the great at Potsdam, wrote the musical offering based on theme provided by king,
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