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CH Vegetable Words

names of common vegetables in chinese

南瓜(倭瓜) Nánguā (Wōguā)(pumpkin)
甜玉米 Tián yùmǐ (Sweet corn)
生菜(莴苣) Shēngcài (Wōjù) (lettuce)
白菜 Báicài (Chinese cabbage)
卷心菜 Juǎnxīncài (cabbage)
萝卜 Luóbo (radish)
胡萝卜 Húluóbo (carrot)
韭菜 Jiǔcài (Chives)
木耳 Mù'ěr(black fungus mushroom)
豌豆 Wāndòu (peas)
土豆 Tǔdòu (potato)
黄瓜 Huángguā (cucumber)
苦瓜 Kǔguā (bitter melon)
洋葱 Yángcōng (onion)
芹菜 Qíncài (celery)
芹菜杆 芹菜杆 (celery sticks)
地瓜 (番薯) Dìguā (Fānshǔ )(sweet potato)
蘑菇 Mógu (mushroom)
橄榄 Gǎnlǎn (olives)
菠菜 Bōcài (spinach)
冬瓜 Dōngguā (squash melon)
莲藕 Lián'ǒu (lotus root)
紫菜 Zǐcài (edible seaweed)
油菜 Yóucài (Cole rape)
茄子 Qiézi (eggplant)
香菜 Xiāngcài (coriander)
青椒 Qīngjiāo (green pepper)
四季豆 (青刀豆) Sìjì dòu (Qīngdāo dòu) (string beans)
银耳 Yín'ěr (silvery fungi that looks like a dry sponge)
金针蘑 Jīnzhēn mó (needle mushroom)
扁豆 Biǎndòu (lentil)
竹笋 Zhúsǔn (bamboo shoot)
艾蒿 Ài hāo (Chinese mugwort)
绿豆 Lǜdòu (Green bean peas)
毛豆 Máodòu (soy bean)
黄花菜 Huánghuā cài (day lily)
豆芽菜 Dòuyá cài (bean sprout)
西兰花 Xī lánhuā (Broccoli)
花生 Huāshēng (Peanuts)
Created by: sharrisson13
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