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Study Stack week 10

definition of terms.

Access Copyright A non profit orinaization set up to ensure fair compensation for the usage of an author or publishers works.
Copyright The exclusive right given to an originator to print,sell, peform or publish any form of media themselves.
Intellectual Property The right to intangible property. The ideas or content of a person/book for example.
Royalty A payment given by contract to the signer that gives them a payment per unit sold.
Trade-mark An exclusive symbol used to represent and induviduals or companies goods and distinguish them from others. Generally a trade mark is secured via a patent.
Public Domain A work or objects whose copyright or patent has expired or never had one.
Moral Rights The rights of a creator of a copyrighted work. Allows them to have it not changed or mutilated as it changes the artist relationship with the original peice.
Performing Rights The right to perform music in public. The performer has to pay a royalty back to the artist/publisher.
Plagiarism To use someone elses work without their permission or to call it your own.
Fair Dealing An exception to a copy right that allows for the user do certain things and go without being persecuted for infringement.
Patent The exclusive right given to an inventor by the government to produce and sell a creation for a set amount of years
Blanket License Used to give permission for media use in a case where applying for each induvidual one would be cumbersome. (Radio. TV)
Created by: sk0eric