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english vocab

test tmrw

an outdoor game using wooden balls and mallets croquet
a moslem religious holy man fakir
a greek mythological figure conemned to roll a stonbe up a hill in Hades only to have it fall back down when he reached the top Sidyphus
of the cat family feline
desire for wealth avarice
Moslem word for fate Kismet
an object with supernatural powers talisman
the death penalty capital punishment
german word for mr. Herr
crude in speech and behavior petulant
a heavy hand woven colth used as a wall hanging or curtain tapestry
latin for pray brothers orate
one that keeps guard sentiel
emblem of Nazi Germany swastikas
Dizzieness or light headedness vertigo
physically wasted, thin emaciated
a spiral motion of fluid within a limited area vortex
threatning evil sinister
Created by: abby_pottorff_13