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Force and Motion

Unit Assessment

The gravitational attraction between two objects depends on the distance between the objects and their _____________. masses
Forces occur in pairs. If the first one is called the action force, the second would be the _______________. reaction force
The Earth has a large mass, which requires a ____________ force to ______________ its motion. large/change
A stationary object pushed by two equal forces in opposite directions will ___________. remain stationary
One 10g rock could have more __________ than another 10g rock. volume
If an object is moving at a constant speed and a force acts on it at right angles to its direction of motion, the object will _____________. change direction
The strength of the force of friction depends on two factors: the types of __________ involved and how hard the surfaces push together. surfaces
If an object is moving at a constant velocity, it means that ____________. no net force is acting on it
If a force of 10 newtons acts on an object and an additional force of 6 newtons acts in the same direction, what will be the net force on the object? 16 newtons
A man weighs 500N on the Earth. What would he weigh in space if he is not near any other object? 0N
A change in position of an object is its _____________. motion
Friction is caused by the ___________ of objects, liquids, or gases to slide past each other. resistance
A river flows south at 10 meters per second. A canoe set out of a river's eastern shore straight across toward the other side. Which is the best describes the canoe's path? The canoe's path will be a diagonal line from northeast to southeast
Which of the following best completes this sentence? In every interaction, forces occur in _______________. pairs
Where would you find the least gravitational pull? on the moon
On Earth a gallon of milk has the same mass as a gallon of milk in space, but it has a different _________. weight
Which of the following would not be an action-reaction pair according to Newton's third law of motion? a boy sits in a chair and the floor pushes the boy away
The force that causes all matter to be attracted to other matter is __________. gravity
A rocket's mass is reduced by half, but the force pushing it through space remains the same. What will happen to the rocket's speed? it will double
An object is accelerating when ____________. it is changing speed or direction
If a moving object stops, it means that _____________. a force must have acted on it
Ben and Justine are sitting opposite each other on a ride that is moving clockwise at a constant speed. Ben tosses a piece of candy to Justine. From her point of view, where will the candy land? on her right
If a force acting on a moving object stop acting, the object will ___________. keep moving in the same direction
A balloon is inflated and then released. What causes it to fly forward? Air escaping from the back of the balloon pushes in the direction opposite the motion
The force needed to change the motion of an object rolling over a surface is _____________ that of an object sliding on a surface. less than
Newton's first law states that an object must travel at a constant speed and in ___________, unless some outside force compels it to change. a straight line
If two opposite forces act on a stationary object at the same time, and one pushes north at 16 newtons and the other pushes south at 12 newtons, which way will the object move? north
The force that prevents a ball rolling on the ground from continuing on its path forever is _________. friction
When you rub your hands together, they heat up due to ___________. friction
The rate an object accelerates depends on __________. its mass and the strength of the force
Created by: sydni_gaither