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9th Grade Geography

Chapter 3 Test-Europe

Europe's mountain range that runs down the length of the Italian Peninsula like a spine (or a zipper). Apennine
Europe's most prominent mountain range. Alps
Europe's highest peak found here (Mount Elbrus), and is located in south/east Russia. Caucasus
Europe's Mountain range that forms a natural boundary for Eastern Europe (found in Russia). Ural
Europe's largest plateau that covers much of Southern France. Massif Central
Which country became the site of some of the earliest European civilizations? Greece
Which country stretches from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean? Russia
What body of water separates Great Britain from Continental Europe? The English Channel
What key piece of land gave Britain control of the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea? The Rock of Gibraltar
The world's smallest independent state that lies in the middle of the city of Rome. Vatican City
Why was the Berlin Wall built? To keep people from escaping from East Germany to West Germany.
What country controls the Suez Canal which is an important location to the Mediterranean Sea? England
What island is know as the Emerald Isle? Ireland
Europe is the continent that is considered the birthplace of _____. Western Civilization
Icelanders rely on this to heat their homes and water. Geothermal energy
The capital of Russia is _____. Moscow
San Marino (in Italy) is the _____ republic in Europe. oldest
Countries: Spain, France, Ireland, Great Britain (United Kingdom), Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece, Russia, Iceland, Finland, Sweden Extra Credit Countries: Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Belarus
Created by: LiseBrinkley



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