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Meds for final

Meds for ex.

Lactulose *laxative* used to bind to ammonia and allow it to be pooped out. Can be given: PO,NG,enema.
Methotrexate- tx *DMARD* or anti-rheumatic used to treat RA. It's an immunosupressant that decreases inflammation and tries to stop RA from progressing. Side effects: anemia and hepatotoxic
Indocin *NSAID* and anti-rheumatic. Granddaddy of all NSAIDs. Suppresses inflammation and pain. Side effects: BLEEDING. used for joint pain
Inderal *Beta-blocker* used to tx esophageal varices and decrease HTN in the liver. Pt can have hypotension and bradycardia. Side effects: arrhythmias
Prednisone(steroid) Used to tx chronic inflammation and immune response. Side effects: HTN, blood clots, ulcers, cushing disease
Spironolactone *Diuretic and anti-HTN* used to tx edema related to cirrhosis by excreting h2o and salt. Side effect: hypoKALEMIA
Dopamine *Vasopressor* used to increase BP and cardiac output in pt's w/ shock. Side effects: hypotension and arrhythmias
Allopurinol *anti-gout* used to tx hyperuricemia in pts with leukemia. Stops the production of uric acid Side effects: rash(stop drug immediately), bone marrow depression
Mannitol Classification: osmotic diuretic Action: pulls water out of the cells and into the bloodstream Use: Reduces edema and ICP.
Levodopa/ Sinemet: Classification: anti-Parkinson’s agent Action: is converted to dopamine in CNS and lowers s/s of parkinson’s rigidity and tremors
Plavix: Classification: Anti-platelet Action: Inhibits first and second phases of ADP-induced effects in platelet aggregation What does that mean: it alters platelets so that fibrin does not stick to them = less clot formation. Use: Reducing the risk of stro
Mydriatics Dilate the pupils prior to eye procedures
Cycloplegics Paralyze the ciliary muscles of the eye prior to procedures
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