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what disorder is defined as a defecit in the number of RBCs, a deficit in the amount of hemoglobin, and/or a def in the amount of packed RBCs (hematocrit)? anemia
if the hemoglobin level is between 10-14 g/dl how severe is this anemia? mild
if the hemoglobin level is between 6-10 g/dl how severe is this anemia? moderate
if the hemoglobin level is less then 6 g/dl how severe is this anemia? severe
what is caused by blood loss, dec in RBC production, inc in RBC destruction, period, gastritis, bone marrow disorders, virus, transfusion reactions? anemia
when assessing the cardiovascular system, if you find palpations/ bounding pulse, tachycardia, angina, MI, HF, what can be a cause? anemia
when assessing pulmonary function if you find dyspnea what can be a cause? anemia
when assessing a patient with anemia and assessing neurologic function, what can you expect to possibly find? "roaring in the ears", headache, irritability, depression, impaired thought process
what disorder can cause GI symptoms including anorexia, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, sore mouth anemia
when assessing a pt with anemia and looking at the musculoskeletal system, what can be expected? bone pain
what disorder causes icteric conjunctiva/sclera, yellow whites of eyes, pallor, jaundice, pruritus (itching bile salts) general fatigue? anemia
what are some nursing diagnoses for the patient with anemia? fatigue, altered tissue perfusion, altered nutrition, less than body requirements
what are these things for a patient with anemia, correct the cause, interventions may be acute or long term, depends on etiology of the anemia? goals and plans
what are some intervention for anemia cause by acute blood loss? transfusion of PRBCs
what are some interventions for anemia cause by chronic blood loss? iron therepy
what type of anemia is blood loss the major cause in adults, also occurs due to dec RBc production, also due to malabsorption. Fe absorption occurs in the duodenum. or due to diet. fe deficiency anemia
what type of anemia is clinically manifest as palor, fatigue, other sx of anemia, glossitis (large beefy red tounge) treatment is diet and iron supplements iron deficiency anemia
what type of anemia is the insufficient production of normal hemoglobin, can cause RBC hemolysis, minor form there is no treatment, major form is life threatening? thalassemia
what kind of anemia is manifest as pallor, fatigue, other sx of anemia, splenomegaly (enlarged spleen) hepatomegaly, (enlarged liver), jaundice, and mental retardation. TX: blood trans, iron binding agent, splenectomy? thalassemia major
what kind of anemia is a megablastic anemia, its caused by deficient diet, chronic Etoh, gastrectomy (removal of stomach), gastritis (inflamed stomach lining), surgery/illness of the ileum, insufficient (IF), pernicious anemia is most common cause, cobalamin vit b12 deficiency
what megoblastic anemia S/S include more GI involvement, neuro sx, confusion, large abnormal RBCs? cobalamin vit b12 deficiency
what is a disease were the gastric mucosa is not secreting intrinsic factor because of antibodies being directed against the gastric parietal cells and/or IF itself? pernicious anemia
what megablastic anemia is treated with diet, b12 supplements, pernicious anemia treated with parenteral intransal? cobalamin vit b12 deficiency
what type of megablastic anemia is caused by dietary deficiencies, chronic ETOH, malabsorption, clinically manifests similar to b12 deficiencies with no neuro sx, treatment is diet and folic acid supplements? folic acid deficiency
what type of anemia is caused by failure of bone marrow to produce enough cells RBCs, WBCs, and or platelets, can result in pancytopenia ( dec RBCs, WBCs, platelets) treated by treating the cause, stem cell transplant, immunosuppressive therepy? aplastic anemia
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