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Middle West


What are the three ways that people traveled to the Middle West? By foot, flatboat and Conestoga wagon.
What is the nickname for the Middle West? America's Breadbasket
What is providing for all of your own needs called? Self-sufficient
Who brought horses to North America? Spanish
What type of home did the Lakota live in? Tipis
Name some uses of the buffalo. Flyswatter, meat, clothing, spoons, rope
What is the name of the battle between Custer and Sitting Bull? Battle of Little Big Horn, Custer's Last Stand
Where is Motor, City USA? Detroit, MI
What is the nickname for the Midwest? America's Breadbasket
Name the three main crops grown in the Midwest? Corn, Wheat, and Soybeans
What are large farms owned by companies? Agribusiness
What is a huge storage bin for grain? Grain elevator
What is the machine that removes graine from the stalk? Combine
What is a moving belt the carries parts past a worker called? Assembly Line
What is manufacturing large numbers of goods using identical parts called? Mass Production
What was the movement of African Americans to the Midwest in search of jobs called? Great Migration
Who built the Model T car? Henry Ford
What is another name for the Model T? Tin Lizzie
Who was the Lieutenant Colonel who fought against Sitting Bull? George Custer
Who was the other Lakota chief who helped Sitting Bull in the fight against Custer? Crazy Horse
Who won the Battle of Little Bighorn? Lakota
What is the land set aside by the government for the Native Americans? Reservation
Who was the President whose family moved to Indiana when he was 7 years old? Abraham Lincoln
What is the edge of a settled area called? Frontier
Who are people who settle on land that is new to them? Pioneers
Who built the first steel plow? John Deere
Created by: jill.wehlander