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Common Phrasal Verbs

Common Phrasal Verbs (look after, give up, get along...)

Phrasal VerbPortugueseExample
Give up (sth. - something) Desistir Don't give up your studies.
Break up (with sb. - somebody) Acabar uma relação Mary broke up with her fiancé.
Look after (sth. or sb.) Cuidar She looks after my baby while I am working.
Call off (sth.) Cancelar They've just called off the meeting.
Put off (sth.) Adiar We're not ready. He need to put off the meeting.
Give in (on sth. or sb.) Ceder / Submeter-se Someone's got to give in or you'll end up with a divorce.
Go on / Carry on (on sth.) Avançar / Prosseguir You've been doing great. Carry on!
Get away with (sth.) Sair impune de / "Safar-se" de He's not going to get away with this. I'm going to call the police.
(sth. or sb.) Turn out Resultar em / Acabar por provar ser... The event turned out to be quite interesting.
(sb.) Pass out Desmaiar She passed out, but now she is ok.
Turn (sth.) into Transformar-se Let's not turn the situation into more than it is.
Look up (for sth.) Procurar (ex. no dicionário) Can you look up that word on the dictionary for me, please?
Fill in (sth. or sb.) Preencher (ex. documento) / Pôr (alguém) ao corrente da situação I need to fill in this document before I get in.
Put up with (sth. or sb.) Aturar I don't have to put up with that for much longer.
Pull (sth.) through Conseguir ser bem sucedido (em algo difícil) They pull the surgery through. They were awesome.
Get in, on / out (swhr - somewhere) Entrar / Sair Get in the car.
Pick up (sth.) Apanhar / Perceber, Aprender I picked up the toys from the floor.
Go back (swhr) Voltar He was an artist and his only dream was one day to go back home and paint.
Go out (swhr or with sb.) Sair When couples start dating they usually go out on the town and have dinner.
Point out (sth.) Destacar / Salientar Most of these rules, I should point out, were created to protect you.
Find out Descobrir One of the best ways to learn is to find out how other people do things.
Get on / along (with sb.) Dar-se bem com alguém / Continuar / Avançar Mary and Susan really get on/along very well.
Watch out (with sth.) Ter cuidado com Watch out! That car was totally out of his lane!
Come up (with sth.) Surgir espontaneamente He came up with a great idea!
Hurry up Despachar-se Hurry up or we'll miss the bus.
Wake up Acordar I always wake up at 7 am.
Get up Levantar-se I don't like getting up too early.
Keep up (sth.) Continuar, persistir Keep up the good work!
Take care (of sth. or sb.) Cuidar(-se) I have to go now. Take care.
Go back / Come back Voltar (ir de novo / regressar) We need to go back to pick him up.
(sb.) Pass away Falecer His friend Joseph passed away last week.
move in / out Mudar-se (para cá/sair) He's moving out in a few days.
Look for Procurar I'm looking for a very specific product.
Look forward to [+ -ing] (sth.) Ansiar com expectativa I really look forward to meeting with you face to face next week.
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