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Bmms Scieince Test

Bmms science test for Space

Troposphere bottom layer of the atmosphere
meteor burn up in the mesosphere
lithosphere Top layer of the crust. (Not one of the layers of the atmosphere)
Thermosphere between the mesosphere and space
Ions energized particles that o a layer in the stratosphere, create aroras and bounce radio waves back
radio waves radiated heat waves
ionosphere sub layers of the thermosphere
satellites orbit in thermosphere
ozone rises to a layer in the stratosphere, blocks out UV rays.
mesosphere between stratosphere and thermo and meteors blow up there.
photochemical smog exhaust from cars are invisible but when light hits it, it turns into brown and grey.
Carbon dioxide *NO DEFINITION*
Trace gases least common gas in our air that make up less than 1%
nitrogen most common gas in our air by far. (78%)
Stratosphere The second lowest layer
Greenhouse gases Gases in the atmosphere. traps in solar energy
ultraviolet light rays: beyond violet (the rainbow ends at violet which is saying it s WAY beyond it) Invisable , poisoness to human skin.and blocked by the ozone layer.
Molecule dencity as altitude increases , density decreases
Weather storms, cloud , wind (troposphere)
Coal burning power plant Produses sulfer oxide which leads to acid rain
Green house gas layer troposphere. keeps in heat
sulfer oxide *NO DEFINITION*
chemical structure Co2 , H20 , 03
Atoms + molecules CO2 , O3 , atoms make up a molecule
Thermo, meso , exo, photo, litho heat, middle,out,light,rocky hard(ground
Created by: Kykyruru123