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Latin Refresh

unus one
duo two
tres three
quattuor four
quinque five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
centum hundred
mille thousand
pecunia money
numerus number
pauci few
sto I stand
audeo I dare
fugio I fly
pono I lay
dubito I doubt
dominus lord or master
ager field
servus slave
solum only
porta gate
mensa table
gratias thanks
difficilis difficult
facilis easy
ad to
teneo I hold
pareo I obey, submit
moneo I warn
specto I look at
doleo I regret
digitus finger
cor heart
capillus hair
auris ear
facies face
mentem mind
longus long
dulcis sweet
fortis strong or brave
gratias ago Thank you
iuvo I help
communico I share
augeo I increase, expand
mereo I deserve, win
maneo I remain
aedificium building
civis citizen
urbs city
oppidum town
via road, way
Roma Rome
Italia Italy
Gaullia Gaul
Hispania Spain
Germania Germany
aero air
agri field
amare love
aqua water
bene good
centum hundred
corpus body
credere believe
dico speak
ducere to lead
dure roughly
frater brother
lex law
littera letter
locus place
luna moon
mal bad
manu hand
mittere to send
mors death
migr quit
navis ship
novus new
oculus eye
omnes all
pes foot
primus first
rect straight
regere rule
senten vote
sequ follow
solus alone
spec looks
spirant breathe
tempus time
terra earth
turb crowd
voco I call
video I watch
secundus second
circa around
cum with
contra against
inter between
multis many
post after
pre before
quintus fifth
semi half
sub under
super above
tertius third
agitat twitch
consumit consume
eum him
terror fear
ignavi cowardly
ferox fierce
gladius sword
habitat lives
hoc this
statim immediately
hortor urge
nuntius messenger
ostium door
postulat demands
puer boy
pugnat fights
totum whole
silva forest
saepe often
sanguis blood
recumbit recline
tamen yet, however
terret scares
conspicat catches sight of
facere makes
heri yesterday
ingens huge
intellegere understands
clamabunt cry
mortuus dead
narrat tells
nihil nothing
abest is absent
aberat was absent
vitupera blame
bonus good
acquirent purchase
erat was
fortis strong
tum then
superat overcomes
intente intently
subito suddenly
olim once
parvus small
per by
tuus your
pulsa hit, knock
quia because
scribit writes
festinat hurries
puella girl
adest is here, is present
adsunt are here, are present
agricola farmer
ambulat walks
audit hears
clamor shout
currere run
venit comes
ubi? where?
femina woman
hodie today
stat stands
mea my
multum much
multis many
specto I look at
petit asks
plaudit applauds
volo I want
oro I pray
laboro I work
porto I carry
humus ground
mutare change
per through
quartus fourth
sextus sixth
septimus seventh
octavus eighth
nonus ninth
decimus tenth
arbor tree
cibus food
cathedra chair
ecclesia church
musica music
stella star
nubes cloud
sol sun
caelum sky, heaven
canus dog
ursa bear
Created by: lovewarmth10