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o2 water
abra obnimus budget reconcliation act
occ occasinionly
ob out of bed
opd outpatient department
or operating room
as mouth
osha occupational safety and health adminisaration
ot occupational therapy
oz ounce
p after
oc after meals
oca oatient controlled anesthia
peg percutaneous enteral gastromy
per os by mouth
peri care perinal care
om afternoon
pns perphial nervous system
po by mouth
ooe personal perctive equpiment
pos postive
pre op before surgyry
prep peperation
prn when nessacry
prom passive range of motion
pt patient
ovd pheripal vascualr disase
pwb partial wieght barring
q every
qh every hour
q2h every two hous
qid four times a day
r respiration
rue right upper quad
s without
snafl situation normal alll follow up
snf skilled nursing facililty
spec specimen
sob shortness of breath
s&s sighns and symptoms
sse soap sud enema
r/a rhemoid arthitis
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