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NLE prep

1st Declension Singular N- a G- ae D- ae A- am Ab- (long) a Plural N- ae G- arum D- is A- as Ab- is
2nd Declension (masculine) Singular N- us G- i D- o A- um Ab- o Plural N- i G- orum D- is A- os Ab- is
2nd Declension (other masculine) Singular N- er G- i D- o A- um Ab- o Plural N- i G- orum D- is A- os Ab- is
2nd Declension (Neuter) Singular N- um G- i D- o A- um Ab- o Plural N- a G- arum D- is A- a Ab- is
3rd Declension (Masculine) Singular N- --- G- is D- i A- em Ab- e Plural N- es G- um D- ibus A- es Ab-ibus
3rd Declension (Feminine) Singular N- --- G- is D- i A- --- Ab- e Plural N- a G- um D- ibus A- a Ab-ibus
Who was the second king of Rome? Numa Pompilus
What proud girl challenged Minerva to a weaving contest? Arachne
Who was the first emperor of Rome? Augustus Caesar
Noli + infinitive = Don't + action
What is cursurus an what does it translate as? A future participle; about to run
interficiebantur; what does it translate as? were being killed
Medea is in the myth involving ___? Jason and the Argonauts
Chimaera was killed by __? Bellamera
Who delivered Julius Caesar's funeral? Marc Antony
What sea will you come by when going from Brundisium to Greece? the Adriatic Sea
What is a good future symbol recognition? -ba, -bu, -ur
the Golden Fleece involves the hero __ Jason
Quirinal, Viminal, Palatine, and Aventine are all what__ divisions of Italy
Ab ovo usque ad mala is a Latin motto for a what? an official warning
the Rubicon river separated what? Italy from Gaul
Quam = superlative = as __ as possible
Cui- To/for whom
Cuius- whose
In quo-
tres horas can also be translated as for three hours
esse- to be
esse can also mean is, are, was, were
How is esse translated like in putavit esse? It it translated in the perfect endings like was or were
Quot- how many
Quando- When?
Quo modo? how
quam- whom
licet- allowed
opportet- must, ought
placet- please, like
taedet- bored, tired
What are ob and proper and their definitions? Prepositions; because of, on account of
super- above
Romulus and Tarquinius were part of the what? Roman Monarchy
Julius Caesar and Marc Antony were part of the what? Roman Republic
Augustus Caesar and Tiberius were part of the what? Roman Empire
Hadrian and Trajan were part of the what? The Later Roman Empire
What is to the East of Rome? Brundesium
What's north of Rome? Gall
Northeast of Rome? Germania
Northwest of Rome? Brittania
West of Rome? Spain
What is a chimaera? A lion, serpent, goat monster
What is a hydra? A 9 headed reptilian beast
What is cerberus? A 3 headed dog monster
The Minotaur? The half man half bull that ate Athenian children
Who was affiliated in this story? Deadulus
What did Hercules do? He killed the Hydra
What does a retiarii have to do with? Amphitheater
A stylus, crea? School
topiderium, apodyterium? baths
tablinum? houses
ientaculum, prandium? dinner
Created by: sahil