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Ch. 17


List 3 things that can cause mutation a mistake in the DNA-dependent DNA polymerase, chemicals found in the environment, ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning lights
What process causes spontaneous genetic change? mutation causes spontaneous genetic changes
What is a heritable change in the base sequence of DNA called? heritable change in the base sequence of DNA called is a mutation
Nonsense mutation gives rise to a stop codon in the middle of a gene so that translation stops before it is complete
Frame-shift deletion indicates that nucleotides, perhaps one or two (not 3) have been deleted from a gene--downstream codons no longer in register
Give an example of phenotypic and genotypic changes in lac operon mutation in undefined area of lac operon--3 structural genes/control operator regions--result in cell becoming phenotypically lactose-= mutation known to render lacZ gene nonfunctional--lacZ genotype
which of the changes--phenotypic/genotypic would produce a lactose auxotroph? both--mutants would be unable to utileze lactose--both would be lactose auxotrophs
How might regulatory mutations in the lac operator or promoter affect cell function? mutant lac operator--no binding to repressor--lactose operon would be expressed constitutively==mutant lac promoter--unable to bind RNA polymerase--no transcription/expression possible
What does the Ames test show? whether chemicals increase the frequency of mutations--if frequency increases--chemical under question called mutagen/carcinogen
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