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Ch. 16 vocabulary


Active repressor complex formed when tryptophan binds to the aporepressor--binds at the beginning of the trp operator and inhibits transcription
Aporepressor a separated gene from the operon produces an inactive repressor--protein is normally inactive
Corepressor tryptopan--causes repression
Feedback inhibition end product inhibits expression of its own pathway--many anabolic pathways directly regulate expression in this manner--ample product--system's expression repressed
Gene expression prokaryotes--gene expression control seen at level of transcription--2 major classes--inducible/repressible
Inducible genes normally turned off--unless energy source is available in environment
Induction (blank)
lac operon features that control expression--3 proteins encoded by lac operon--lacZ, lacY, lacA--efect lactose catabolism (degredation)
Operator (lacO) binding site of protein to a specific DNA
Promoter (lacP)
Repressible systems can be turned off at the transcriptional level when it is advantageous to the cell
Repressor protein that binds to a specific DNA sequence just upstream of the 3 cistrons of the lac operon
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