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Lesson 5 J-Vocab

Lesson 5 Vocabulary

ikimasu go
kimasu come
kaerimasu go home, return
gakko school
supa supermarket
eki station
hikouki airplane
fune ship
densha train
chikatetsu subway, underground
basu bus
takushii taxi
jitensha bicycle
aruite on foot
hito person, people
kare he, boyfriend
kanojo she, girlfriend
kazoku family
hitori de alone, by oneself
senshuu last week
konshuu this week
maishuu every week
raishuu next week
sengetsu last month
kongetsu this month
maitsuki every month
raigetsu next month
kyonen last year
maitoshi every year
kotoshi this year
rainen next year
tsuitachi first day of the month
futsuka second, two days
mikka third, three days
yokka fourth, four days
itsuka fifth, five days
muika sixth, six days
nanoka seventh, seven days
youka eighth, eight days
kokonoka ninth, nine days
tooka tenth, ten days
jyuu-yokka fourteenth, fourteen days
hatsuka twentieth, twenty days
nan-nichi which day of the month, how many days
itsu when
futsuu local (train)
kyuukou rapid (train)
tokkyuu express (train)
tsugi no next
ototoi day before yesterday
kino yesterday
kyou today
ashita tomorrow
asatte day after tomorrow
mainichi every day
kesa this morning
maiasa every morning
konban tonight
maiban every night
shiken exam
Created by: tachikomu