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GSPP Med Use

Med Class Use

Tricyclic glycopeptide It is not important to know the exact action of antibiotics. Their action is that they all kill bacteria. -Vanco is commonly used for treatment of MRSA; also used for other serious infections.
Histamine H2 antagonists They block histamine at the H2 receptor sites within the parietal cells of the stomach. Blocking histamine decreases stomach acid production. -Uses: treatment of ulcers; prevention of ulcers or gastritis; treatment of GERD.
Proton pump inhibitors Decreases gastric acid production by the parietal cells of the stomach. -Uses: treatment of ulcers; prevention of ulcers or gastritis; treatment of GERD
Subcutaneous anticoagulants These are low-doses of anticoagulants. Low dose heparin is used for prevention of DVT. Enoxaparin is used for prevention and treatment of DVT and pulmonary embolus.
Insulin Decreases blood glucose. Know onset and peak times of action for the following insulins and when they should be given in relation to meals. Know the procedure for mixing two insulins.
Beta Blockers Blocks beta-adrenaline causing decreased heart rate and contractility and also relaxation of blood vessels which decreases blood pressure. -Used for certain dysrhythmias, HTN, post MI, angina, and heart failure.
ACE inhibitors Blocks the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, thus blocking renin. This causes vasodilation which lowers blood pressure. -Used for HTN, and heart failure.
Calcium Channel Blockers -General Blocks calcium ions from crossing cell membranes in cardiac and vascular smooth muscle (the muscle that makes up your blood vessels).
Calcium Channel Blockers -Specific Decreased contractility; decreased heart rate (SA and AV nodes); lowers systemic blood pressure (relax blood vessels); increases blood flow to the heart (dilating coronary arteries). -Used for HTN, angina, and certain dysrhythmias
Loop diuretic -Used for heart failure, pulmonary edema, HTN.
Cardiac Glycoside Increases the force of myocardial contractility (HF); decreases speed of conduction through the AV node, thus slowing heart rate (rapid A-Fib)
Narcotics Depresses pain impulse transmission at the spinal cord level by interacting with opioid receptors. -Used for acute and chronic moderate to severe pain.
Systemic Corticosteroids Decreases action of white blood cells, thereby decreasing the inflammatory response.
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