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Classroom Terms

Classrooom Terms

zhùyì tīng 注意听 listen carefully
qǐng jǔ shǒu 请举手 Please raise your hand
qǐng jìn 请进 please come in
qǐng zuò 请坐 please sit down
qǐng qǐlì 请起立 please stand up
bùyào jiǎnghuà 不要讲话 Please don't talk
kàn báibǎn 看白板 Look at the whiteboard.
qǐng ānjìng 请安静 Please be quiet.
Qǐng dǎkāi shū 请打开书 Please open the book(s)
Qǐng hé shàngshū 请合上书 Please close the book(s)
zài shuō yī biàn 再说一遍 Please say it again.
Shǒu fàng xià 手放下 Put your hands down
Created by: taolitianxia
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