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Ch. 15 questions


How did Griffith demonstrate a gene transfer? capsular production could be restored to a capsular mutant from dead, wild-type bacteria
How did Avery show that genes are made of DNA? bacterial substance that caused transformation DNase sensitive--provided strong evidence that transferal of DNA rather than protein/RNA was necessary for capsule production
What did Hershey and Chase's experiment confirm? that DNA, rather than protein, is the genetic material
Gene DNA coding material for a single protein
Chromosome large circular molecule of several million base pairs of DNA that contains cellular genes
Genome collection of all the genes in a cell
Complementary DNA DNA that will base pair with another DNA molecule--A in place of T, C in place of G of the other molecule
How many genes might there be in an average bacterium? In a human cell? bacterium--5,000==human cell--50,000
What cells have diploid or haploid genomes? prokaryotic--haploid genomes--eukaryotic cells--diploid genomes
What must happen to the genetic material when division of a cell occurs? when division of a cell occurs, genome must be duplicated
Where does DNA synthesis begin? at the origin of replication
What is produced by DNA replication? 2 double-stranded DNA molecules identical to the starting DNA
How does DNA proofread? through DNA polymerase--checks to see if newly added nucleotides are complementary to template--if not--DNA polymerase removes and replaces them with new nucleotide
Are human viruses harmful or beneficial? can be bothe--whn virus causes damage to host it is harmful--when virus used by gene therapy to repair human genetic defect it is beneficial
What is a viral vector? virus used in gene therapy to deliver a gene with proper activity to host cells that need the gene
Created by: heatherlvn