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Ch.14 vocabulary


Anticodon binding site for being the correct codon
Cistrons individual genes in an operon
Coupling simultaneous synthesis of RNA and protein
Metabolic pathway series of enzymes needed to complete a task and produce an end product such as an amino acid
Operon gene cluster that is cotranscribed
Pathway set of genes used for a complete task
Polysomes structures with multiple ribosomes held together by the mRNA thread
Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) RNA molecules are used in enzymatic processes--ribosomes are riboproteins--contain both rRNA and roteins in very large complexes
RNA polymerase enzyme responsible for transcription--DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, DDRP
Transcription step in molecular biology that follows DNA replication
Transfer RNA (tRNA) important in protein synthesis--bring needed amino acids to appropriate site for addition during protein elongation
Translation (protein synthesis) ribosomes--enzymes that perform translation--process by which mRNA is translated from language of nucleotides into language of amino acids
Triplet each codon consists of three ribonucleotides in a row
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