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4A Science

Chapter 15 Lesson 2

What is any push or pull? force
A force can make a moving object: slow down, stop, move faster or change direction
A force can make an object that is standing still start to move
In what direction does the object move in comparison to the force? the same direction as the force
Some forces only act on contact so it must touch the object (a marble on a flat surface will not move unless you touch it)
Some forces can act from a distance so it can move objects without touching them (a magnet can move a piece of iron towards it)
What can change both the size and the position of an object? pushing or pulling
The size of the change depends on the strength of the push or pull
What happens when the sizes of the forces pulling from either side are the same? balanced
What happens if the strength of pulling on one side becomes greater and the sides are not balanced? object moves toware the greater force
What do all forces have? size and direction
What do balanced forces acting in opposite directions do? cancel each other out
What is the resistance an object has to any change to its motion? inertia
What happens if balanced forces are applied to a moving object? it will keep moving at the same speed and in the same direction
What is needed to change the motion of an object with more mass? more force
A full wagon needs ________ more force
An empty wagon needs: less force
What is friction a force that acts when two surfaces rub together
What can friction do to moving objects? slow them down or stop them
What two things determine the amount of friction between two objects? surface and how hard objects push together
When rough surfaces rub together you have: lots of friction
When smooth surfaces rub together you have: a little friction
A greater force causes: more friction
How can friction be reduced? oil, wax, wheels
Who said: " An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force." Sir Isaac Newton
Who said "An object in motion will continue moving unless acted upon by an outside force." Sir Isaac Newton
Created by: critmccoy