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3E651 CDC Volume 1

What document outlines the basis of the civil engineer organizations? Joint Publication 3-34, Engineer Doctrine for Joint Operations.
Air Force Instruction 10-401, Air Force opearions Planning and Execution, describes an aerospace expeditionary force (AEF as which catergory of deployed organization? Squadron, Group, or Wing
What differentiates an aerospace expeditionary wing (AEW) from an aerospace expeditionary force (AEF)? The ability to quickly deploy and establish operations at new sites anywhere in the world and the ops tempo.
The AFCESA provides what type of mission support to maximize AF CE capabilities? Professional readiness, energy, and operations.
Which term best completes the following statement? The BCE will be the Squadron Commander
Who does the CE Fligh commander report to? Base Civil Engineer
Which position would an operations manager typically be assigned to Customer Service Unit Representative and Scheduler.
Which CE skill level are operations managers generally assigned as customer service unit representatives? 3E631-3E651
Which CE skill levels are operations manager generally assigned as schedulers? 3E651-3E671
What two units are major contributors to the AF Prime BEEF mission, deploying worldwide to augment CE capabilities? ANG & AFR
When does HQ AFCESA conduct a deployment worshop to coordinate requirements with ANG and AFRC units? Annually in April or May
REDHORSE units directly support combat air power? Worldwide
When an ANG or AFR REDHORSE unit mobilizes, to whom does the unit directly report ? Gaining major command (MAJCOM)
Major commands (MAJCOM) establish UTC for the operations within the command. These codes establish the size, composition, and equipment that make up what type of teams? Prime BEEF
MAJCOM ensure that Prime BEEF operational and training activities comply with enviromental laws and standards described in Air Force Policy Directive 32-70, Enviromental Quality
Who must ensure all Prime BEEF teams memebers are organized, equipped, and trained to perform their contingency roles? CE unit commander
Which agency provides a civilian resource option to relieve or augment Prime BEEF forces? Air Force contract augmentation program (AFCAP)
What makes the Prime BEED units response times equal to or less that the response time for the aircraft units? Deliberate Planning
Being assigned to a Prime BEEF teams, you must be ready to mobilize on a moments notice. To be ready means that you understand your duty responsibilities, make sure that your personal affairs are in place , and ensure that your family members are prepared
Which publication is the basis for all Prime BEEF Training? AFI 10-210
The primary purpose of civil engineering tier 3, Silver Flag, training is for students to show their ability to perform what type of tasks in a team environment? Critical contingency.
What will be your primary weapon to use when assigned to a Prime BEEF position?
Which drawings are used to update the master facility computer aided design and drafting (CADD) files? Red-Line
Which proficiency codes are used to identify subject knowledge?
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