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Latin America Study

Hardest Warriors? Conquistadors
Aztec conquistador Cortez
Who was Malini? slave taken by cortez- spoke both languages
What did cortez want? Gold
Why did Aztecs know he was coming? Montazuma- ruler banished but would one day return to take back empire Ketzo Quato- very powerful god expelled from aztecs
How did cortez show power? horses and guns
Gifts exchanged? Cortez- Gold; wanted even more Aztecs; gifts- didn't like them
Soldiers rebelled cortez made ships unsailable
Capital of the Aztec empire? Tenochtitlan
Capital of the Incan empire Cuzco
Emperor of Incan empire Topa Inca
Relay runners 250 miles in a day 5min 45 sec mile time
Conducted censuses quipos- recorded information
Architecture Aqueducts, Walls at 80 angles for earthquakes
Incan ruins Machu Piccu
incan gods Inti- sun god; believed inti was their "parent" human sacrifice Viracocha- creater of all people
Incan conquistador Francisco Pizaro
Things in common throughout all three human sacrifice, believed in many gods, chinampas
Helped conquer empires Diseases, weapons, new things
President of cuba Fidel Castro
Government Communism
Terms to know Illiterate- unable to read or write Ally-a country joined to another country for a special purpose Exile-a person who leaves his or her homeland for another country; often for political reasons
spanish first to colonize there brought African slaves over
mostly tropical climate
Hispaniola formed by volcanoes- several still active today
lots of diversity- rich culture
lots of natural resources
very serious about sports especially baseball
Colonization british, Spanish, African, french
largest island in Caribbean
Cuban missile crisis allies with soviet union after ww2,Nikita Khrushev- leader of soviet union
1868-1899- struggled for independence May 20th won freedom
After war dictators ruled many people fled to the us
Haiti 2nd largest island, shares Hispaniola with Dominican republic, colonized by French, one of poorest countries in the world
won independence in 1804
Created by: jrblaz