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A short acting synthetic steroid that inhibits histamine formation, storage, and release from mast cells, reducing allergic response Hydrocortisone
Used for inflammation during allergic reactions, sever anaphylaxis, asthma, COPD Hydrocortisone
Contraindicated for hypersensitivity to glucocorticoids. Hydrocortisone
Has limited precautions in acute care Hydrocortisone
Dosage of 40-250mg IV/IM Hydrocortisone
PED dosage of 4-8 mg/kg IV/IM divided over 24hrs. Hydrocortisone
NSAID Ibuprofen
Is the prototype NSAID with significant analgesic and antipyretic properties. Ibuprofen
Inhibits platelet aggregation and increases bleeding time. Ibuprofen
Used to reduce fever and relieve minor to moderate pain. Ibuprofen
Contraindicated for sensitivity to aspirin or other NSAIDS, active peptic ulcer, bleeding abnormalities. Ibuprofen
Cautioned for GI ulceration, hepatic/renal impairment, cardiac decompensation. Ibuprofen
Dosage of 200-800mg PO q 4-6hrs up to 120mg/day. Ibuprofen
PED dosages is 5-10mg/kg PO q 4-6hrs up to 40mg/kg/day. Ibuprofen
A naturally occuring protein that promotes the uptake of glucose by the cells. Insulin
Indicated for hyperglycemia and diabetic coma. Insulin
Contraindicated for hypersensitivity and hypoglycemia. Insulin
Dosage of 5-10 units IV/IM/SC Insulin
PED dosage of 2-4 units IV/IM/SC Insulin
A gastric irritant and acts on the emetic centers of the medulla to induce vomiting. Ipecac Syrup
Emesis usually occurs with in 5-10 min. Ipecac Syrup
Indicated for poisoning and overdose. Ipecac Syrup
Contraindicated for reduced LOC,and ingestion of: corrosive, petroleum distillate, alkali, antiemetic (especially phenothiazine. Ipecac Syrup
Monitor the airway and have suction ready. Ipecac Syrup
Administer activated charcoal only after emesis. Ipecac Syrup
Cautioned for heart disease pts. Ipecac Syrup
30mL PO, followed by 1-2 glasses of water, repeat in 20 mins prn Ipecac Syrup
PED dosage of 15mL PO followed by 1-2 glasses of water, repeat in 20 min prn. Ipecac Syrup
Atrovent Ipratropium
Anticholinergic Ipratropium
A bronchodilator used in treatment of respiratory emergencies that causes bronchial dilation. Ipratropium
Dries respiratory tract secretions by blocking acetylcholine receptors. Ipratropium
Indicated for bronchospasms associated with asthma, COPD, inhaled irritants. Ipratropium
Contraindicated for hypersensitivity to atropine or its derivitives, or as a primary treatment for acute bronchospasm. Ipratropium
Cautioned in elderly, cardiovascular diseas, hypertension. Ipratropium
Dosage is 500mcg in 2.5-3mL NS via Neb Ipratropium
Dosage of 2 sprays from MDI Ipratropium
PED dosage of 125-250mcg in2.5-3mL NS via Neb. Ipratropium
1-2 sprays from MDI Ipratropium
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