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Integ Med/Surg BOCES


What is psoriasis? Autoimmune disorder characterized by red skin patches with silvery scale.
What treatment is available for Herpes? Acyclovir (zovirax)to lessen frequency and length of outbreaks but Herpes is not curable
What causes a shingles outbreak? Latent virus from chickenpox residing in dorsal root or cranial nerve ganglion cells are reactivated. Can be idiopathetic, stress induced, from drug injection, or illness
Describe the outbreak of shingles A vesicular eruption and crusting that follows a sensory nerve line, usually one side of the body and usually on trunk. Pruitic and EXTREMELY PAINFUL! Usually lasts several days.
What is the postherpetic neuralgia associated with shingles? After outbreak pain may exist at site for 8 weeks or more, usually in pts >60 yo
What treatments are available for Shingles? Acyclovir to shorten and lesson outbreaks, calamine lotion and antihistamines for itching and PAIN MEDS!
What is scabies? Parasitic infection characterized by brown wavy lines.
What is Impetigo (contagiosa)? Rash caused by staph aureus, staphylococcus, streptococol or mixed bacteria. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS! Macules develop into pustular vesicles and crust over into honey-colored rash.
S/S of impetigo (contagiosa). Pruitis, pain,pustular vesicles with honey-colored crust
How is impetigo (contagiosa) diagnosed? wound culture
How is Impetigo (contagiosa) treated? Antiseptic soaps and topical cleansing agents, antibiotics. Encourage goo hygiene!
What is folliculitis? Infection of hair follicle by staph.
What is a carbuncle? A cluster of furnucles (folluculitis infections)
How can carbuncles be treated? I&D (incise and drain), topical antibiotic, warm compress
What is Tinea Capitis? Ringworm of the scalp
What is Tinea Corporis? Ringworm of the body
What is Tinea Cruris? Jock itch
What is Tinea Padis? Athlete's foot
What is ringworm? It is a fungal infection. Round lesions on the scalp or body with clear center and erythematous borders.
How is Tinea Capitis diagnosed? Wood's lamp or light causing hair to become brilliantly florescent.
How are fungal infections treated? Topical or oral antifungals (Fulvicin, Griseofulvin), Antifungal soaps or shampoos (Tinactin), Miconazole, Lotrimin; usually for 2-3 weeks.
What special warnings should be given to women prior to prescribing Accutane? You must not become pregnant due to high risk of severe birth defects
Name some medications to treat lice. Kwell, Rid, Nix, Lindane
What type of skin cancer is highly malignant? Melanoma
S/S of med allergies Hives, rash, redness, itching
What is a keloid? A raised, indurated, shiny overgrowth of scar tissue
What is suppuration? The development or drainage of pus
List some causes of alopecia Chemo, drugs, stress, genetics, hormones
What are some nursing interventions for eczema? Keep skin clean, well hydrated, educate not to scratch, cool dressings to induce vasoconstriction.
What should you do after coming in from the woods and being exposed to poison ivy? Rinse skin off
What precautions should you tell a family to take when trying to rid a lice infestation? Wash, clothing & linen. Bag pillows, stuffed animals, etc
Debriding wounds help to prevent what? Infection and lesson scarring
How can dark skinned populations be adequately examined for skin lesions? Palpate area
Discuss the balance of fluids for burn victims. Hypovalemia is immediate risk. As pt is rehydrated via IV, must observe for fuid overload. Fluids escape vascular space into interstitial fluid initially and then returns after IV tx
What is the cause of death in burn victims? Hypovalemia 1st 72 hrs, infection thereafter
What types of burns are blanchable? Superficial/1st degree
What are auto grafts, homografts and heterografts? Skin grafts from : own body, others' body, pig skin
What is the critical time for fluid loss in a burn victim? 1st 12 hrs
Why can't you rely on pulse oximetry when pt has CO poisoning? Carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin in place of oxygen and the pulse ox cannot distinguish the two
What additional risk is there for the burn victim of electrical burn? Cardiac arrest
What route should pain meds be administered to burn victims? IV
What is the ulcer called that burn victims are at risk for? Curling's ulcer
Describe cellulitis A break in skin puts pt at risk for infection from contact with bacteria. Area becomes reddened and has a stretched skin, edematous appearance.Can cause fever, chills, at risk for sepsis.
Created by: shocklori