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Latin Lvl 1 Ch 10-12

VMA Latin for the New Millennium Level 1 Chapters 10-12

-ne added to first word of a question
-que and
acer, acris, acre keen
aedifico, aedificare, aedificavi, aedificatum to build
ago, agere, egi, actum to drive
ardeo, ardēre, arsi, arsum to burn
bellum gero to wage war
capio, capere, cepi, captum to capture
celeber, celebris, celebre renowned
conspicio, conspicere, conspexi, conspectum to look at
consumo, consumere, consumpsi, consumptum to consume
crudelis, crudele cruel, strict
cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitum to want
deleo, delēre, delevi, deletum to destroy
deus, dei m, god
dextra, dextrae f, right hand
dolor, doloris m, grief
donum, doni n, gift
equus, equi m, horse
facio, facere, feci, factum to do
felix, felicis fortunate, happy
flamma, flammae f, flame
fortis, forte brave
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitum to flee
hostis, hostis m, enemy
ibi there
ignis, ignis m, fire
inquit he/she says
ira, irae f, anger
is, ea, id he/she/it, this, that
ita in this way
minime in the least possible way
mitto, mittere, misi, missum to send
moveo, movēre, movi, motum to move
nec and not
nomen, nominis n, name
nos we
noster, nostra, nostrum our
novus, nova, novum new
nox, noctis f, night
occido, occidere, occidi, occisum to kill
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentum to show
pauci, paucae, pauca few
periculum, periculi n, danger
pono, ponere, posui, positum to put
pro viribus with all one's might
prope + accusative near
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum to fight
quoque also
regina, reginae f, queen
relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, relictum to abandon
silva, silvae f, forest
similis, simile like
spelunca, speluncae f, cave
statim immediately
tantus, tanta, tantum so great
tempestas, tempestatis f, storm
tuus, tua, tuum your, yours
una together
vester, vestra, vestrum your, yours (pl)
vis, -- f, force, strength
vos you
Created by: pax234