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Chapter 9v

Chapter 9 vocab

Vertebrate Animal with a backbone
Endoskeleton Skeleton inside the body
Invertebrate Animal without a backbone
Exoskeleton Skeleton on the outside of the body
Pores Tiny openings
Poriferan Invertebrate animal with pores
Spicule Small, hard, needlelike structure of a sponge
Cnidaria Invertebrate animal with stinging cells an a hollow central cavity
Polyp Cup like form of a cnidarian
Medusa Umbrella-like form of a cnidarian
Platyhelminth Type of worm with a flattened body
Parasite Organism that gets its food by living on or in the body of another organism
Nematode Type of worm with a round body
Annelid Type of worm with a segmented body
Setae Tiny, hairlike bristles
Closed circulatory systems Organ system in which blood moves through vessels
Mollusk Soft-bodied organism
Mantle Thin membrane that covers a mollusk's organs
Radula Rough, tonguelike organ of a snail
Echinoderm Spiny-skinned animal
Water-vascular system System of tubes used to transport water
Tube feet Small structures of Echinodermata used for movement and feeding
Regeneration Ability to regroup lost parts
Arthropods Animal with an exoskeleton and jointed legs
Chitin Hard material that makes up the exoskeleton of arthropods
Open circulatory system Circulatory system in which blood does not flow constantly through tubes
Molting Process by which an animal sheds its outer covering
Antenna Structure used for touch, taste, and smell
Thorax Middle section of an insect's body
Abdomen Third section of an insect's body
Spiracle Opening to an air tube of a grasshopper
Tympanum Hearing organ in a grasshopper
Metamorphosis Series of development changes of an organism
Larva Immature stage of many animals that usually looks different from the adult form
Pupa Resting stage during complete metamorphosis
Cocoon Protective covering around the pupa
Nymph Young insect that looks like the adult
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