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Outcome Id/planning

chapter 14

goal of outcome identification and planning step establish priorities, id and write expected pt outcomes, select evidence based interventions, communicate the plan of care
expected outcomes specific, measurable criteria used to evaluate if goal is being met
goal aim of the nursing care/process
Threee elements of planning inital, ongoing, discharge
initial planning done by RN who does admission PE and interview. Identifies appropirate pt goals and nurisng care
ongoing planning main goal of this component is to keep NCP up to date. develops new nsg dx
discharge planning begins with admission and with intial assessment
prioritizing nsg dx high, medium, low priority...remember Maslow's hierarchy of needs
high priority nsg dx greatest threat to pt well being
medium priority nsg dx non life threatening dx
low priority nsg dx dx not specifically related to current health problem
long term goal/outcome reaquires more time to be achieved. May be d/c goals
short term goal/outcome can be accomplished in a specified period of time
parts of measurable outcome subject, verb, conditions, performance criteria, target time
types of nsg interventions nurse initiated, physician intiated, collaborative
nurse initiated interventions actions performed by a nurse without a MD order
physician initated interventions actions initiated by a docter in response to a medical dx but carried out by a nurse under doctor's orders
collaboraative interventions treatments intiated by other providers and carried out by a nurse
types of plans of care kardex,computerized, student, concept maps
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