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level 9 History


claude achille debussy dates 1862-1918
birthplace St. Germaine-en-Laye, France
Emma Bardac second wife
education Paris conservatory
Prix de Rome for L'Enfant Prodigue 1884
Lilly Texier first wife
Claude-Emma, "Chou=chou" daughter
impressionism style of painting with everyday subjects, innovative techniques of light and texture to create atmosphere; eg Monet
expressionism style of painting using distorted images to display dark emothions; eg Munsch's "The Scream'
pentatonic scales five notes from a major or minor key used to build a melody
whole tone scales spacious scales without using half-steps
atonality no tonal centre or identifiable key
modal scales scales with different patterns of whole and half tones from major and minor scales
explored these non-traditional scales whole tone, pentatonic, modal
Paris colleagues Satie, Ravel, Faure, Stravinsky
programmatic elements depicting such images as water, sunlight, moonlight, pastoral
Stephane Mallarme Symbolist poet whose poem was used for The Afternoon of A Faun
rhythmic developments mixed rhythms to create indistinct pulse
Symbolism in his music used unorthodox structure, created atmosphere rather than describing, used mythological themes
opera Pelleas et Melisande (mythological theme)
ballet Jeux (Games)
chamber music string quartet; sonatas for cello/piano, violin/piano
vocal music art songs; eg Mandoline.
orchestral music symphonic poem - Prelude to the Afgternoon of A Faun. Suites incl. La Mer; Images; Nocturnes
piano music Suite Bergamasque (includes Clair de Lune); Pour Le Piano; Preludes (two books); Estampes; Children's Corner
symphonic poem one-movement orchestral work with literary or pictorial associations
Created by: tdaniell
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