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Vocab Week 24

Plankton tiny algae & animals that float in water & are carried by waves & currents
Nekton free swimming animals that can move throughout the water column
Benthos organisms that live on the bottom of the ocean or other body of water
Upwelling the movement of cold, nutrient-filled water from deep layers of the ocean up to the surface
Chemosynthesis process by which some organisms use the energy stored in chemical bonds to make their own food
Bioluminescence production of light by living things
Sonar system that uses sound waves to calculate the distance to an object used for ocean navigation
RON unmanned submersible that is hooked to a mother ship & operated by pilots using a joy stick
ABE remote submersible equipped with cameras & sensors that navigates by sound beacons for long periods of time
Oceanography the study & exploration of the worlds ocean
Created by: Teresa_Thalia