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5th Grade Science: Energy Unit 7 (March 2013)

Energy ability to do work or cause change
Thermal energy Energy that comes from heat. It is produced by the Sun and is needed for life on Earth.
flow the transfer of energy
refraction Bending of light. When light hits and travels through a different medium, the light is bent.
Light spectrum the range of electromagnetic wavelengths that our eyes can see (ROYGBIV)
Mechanical energy the energy an object has due to its position or motion. "Movement" and can be used for things such as turning a wheel, peddling a bike, raising a flag, etc.
Electrical circuit the path an electric current takes
Electrical current The continuous flow of electricity through a conductor
Lens A piece of glass or other transparent material that lets light pass through it
Magnify To make something appear larger than it is with a lens or microscope
Light energy Energy that people can see. Can be produced by the Sun, fire, batteries or the result of a complete electrical circuit
Electromagnetism Magnetism produced by an electric current
Mirror A surface that reflects light.
Kaleidoscope A tube-shaped toy that is rotated to produce designs with reflected light using bits of colored glass at one end of the tube.
Sound energy A form of energy where vibrations travel through solids, liquids and gases and are detected by the organs of hearing.
Conductor A material through which electricity flows
Laser A device that produces an intense beam of light.
Telescope An instrument for viewing distant objects by refracting light rays through a lens
Insulator Material that slows down or stops electric current or heat from flowing
Reflection Light bouncing off of an object. When light hits a surface and bounces back.
Illuminate To brighten with light
Electrical energy Can be achieved through the creation of a complete circuit. This can be seen when anything is plugged into an electric circuit. We depend on this type of energy to power lights, appliances, and some cars.