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amy chan (maya)

amy chan

evoke to bring/call something up
keenly finely sharp, intelligent, to see small details
intersection when things come together, or get tangled
wrought not rough, bent, to overcome
converses to talk, to engage in conversation
vivid bright or intense, clear
observation to view
wince to draw back, shrinking movement
impeccable perfect, flawless
benign harmless, good, a kindley disposition
sympathy to feel bad for, to care/ support a situation for a person
anxious to feel scared, fearful
linguist a persom who is skilled in several languages
insular closed off, deatached, isolated
moderately not to much not to little not extremme not lacking
percentile a way to standardize meausrements
wittily smart,funny.clever, quick thinker
quandary to be confused
nascent beginning to develop
essence signifacant feature
intimacy to be close
transcribe to make a written copy
belies to be false, to contrdict
empirical proven, a fact
guise assummed apperance to be fake
portfolio a collection of materials
diagnosis an answer to a problematic solution
sociologist the study of society
regretable remourse regret
bland plain, no flavir, no excitement
semontic arising from different meanings
associative to connect to unite
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