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Geography Unit 8 SA

South Asia

What is the landform that separates the subcontinent from the Eurasian plate? mountains
Where are monsoon rains the heaviest? eastern Southern Asia
What is the narrow crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan called? Khyber Pass
What is the world's tallest peak? Mount Everest
What is the Gangetic Plain? an area at the foot of the Himalaya's watered by the region's great rivers.
The Eastern and Western Ghats block rainfall to what area? Deccan Plateau
When does the wet season occur in South Asia? from June or July until September
How were the Himalayas the formed? The Indian subcontinent broke away from the landmass of Africa. It collided with the southern edge of Asia, which thrust up new mountain ranges.
How much of the world's population lives on the Gangetic Plain? one tenth
What is located between the Eastern and Western Ghats? Deccan Plateau
Where is the source of the major rivers located? high in the Himalayas
What are the main reasons that the Gangetic Plain is the most agriculturally productive area of India? it is the world's longest alluvial plain
What river flows through Pakistan? Indus River
Where does the Indus empty into? Arabian Sea
Why do countries in the region need to work together on water resource management? it is important for basic needs as well as economic needs
What climate region would you find the Sundarbans in? Tropical wet climates
What season occurs in much of South Asia between February and June? hot season
What is a monsoon? seasonal wind that brings warm, moist air from the oceans in summer and cold, dry air from inland in winter
Cyclones are the same as? hurricanes
What causes a tsunami? underwater earthquakes
Where did Sri Lanka originate and what does it look like? it is a teardrop shaped island that broke away from the original Indian landmass
What two rivers join together in Bangladesh and form the Ganges Delta? Ganges and Brahmaputra
What accounts for the band of humid subtropical climate that extends across Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and northeast India? the Himalayas block the cold winds from blowing south from Central Asia
Where is the coldest climate region found in South Asia? along its northern edge
Summer monsoon winds carry moist air from what body of water? Indian Ocean
What natural disaster hit both Pakistan and Kashmir in 2005? Earthquake
Where are both petroleum and natural gas found in South Asia? Petroleum - India's NW coast, near the Ganges Delta, in northern Pakistan, Arabian Sea. Natural Gas - southern Pakistan, Ganges Delta, Bangladesh
What South Asian country has banned timber exports? Sri Lanka
What country has experienced massive soil erosion as a result of overcutting? Nepal
Where is the world's largest protected mangrove forest? Bangladesh's Sundarbans
What do Hindus believe after death? people undergo reincarnation
What is the major religion in Pakistan? Islam
What does the Vedas outline? Aryan ideas about social structure and religion
Who was the nonviolent political and spiritual leader of India? Mohandas K. Gandhi
What is the largest religious group in India? Hinduism
What percentage of the world lives in India? more than 15 percent
Definition of Jati? a group that defines one's occupation and social position
India's population density is about how many times the world average? about seven times the world's average
Which country is the most densely populated in South Asia? Bangladesh
Name a program aimed at reducing population growth in Bangladesh. private and government programs give women small loans to start their own businesses
What have Pakistan and India been fighting over? Kashmir
Which two countries in South Asia have developed nuclear weapons? India and Pakistan
Which of the smaller countries in South Asia is the most ethnically diverse? Nepal
What is the government system in Sri Lanka? parliamentary republic
Who were the Maldives first settled by? southern India
What European powers fought over Sri Lanka as a strategic trade location? Portugese, Dutch and British colonial powers
What does Sikhism teach? that there is one God, and that good deeds and meditation bring release from the cycle of reincarnation
What is Mercantilism and who employed the policy? Economic system of using colonies for supplying materials and markets to the colonizing country. British.
What group has control of the government in Sri Lanka? Buddhist Sinhalese
When Hindu and Muslim leaders could not agree on a constitution, the British granted independence to what two states? India and Pakistan
What city in India is known as "Bollywood"? Mumbai
Why is Bangladesh vulnerable to waterborne disease? lies mostly in a vast river floodplain
In India, the British dominated the political and economic systems through the practice of what? Imperialism
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