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BIM Quiz 1

Single Model Approach Revolves around a single, logical, consistent database for all information associated with the building.
Parametric Objects that reflect real-world behaviors and attributes. A parametric model is aware of the characteristics of components and the interactions between them
Object Oriented A computer program may be seen as a collection of programs (objects) that act on each other. Each object can receive messages, process data, and send messages to other objects.
NIBS National Institute of Building Sciences. Organization supporting NCS and the IAI in the United States.
NCS National CAD Standard. Graphic standard for how information is presented via CAD systems, developed with the cooperation of the AIA, CSI, and NIBS.
NBIMS National BIM Standard. Standard for how information is presented via BIM, currently under development with the cooperation of the AIA, CSI, and NIBS. The National CAD Standard will become a subset of NBIMS upon completion.
Multi File Approach Multi-file systems use loosely coupled collections of drawings, each representing a portion of the complete model. These drawings are connected through various mechanisms to generate additional views of the building, reports, and schedules
Model Server Model servers all centralized storage of IFC information models allowing them to be accessed and modified via the Internet.
Intelligent Object These Building Components can behave smart, i.e., they can adapt to changing conditions. The user can easily customize them through an interface
Integration The introduction of working practices, methods, and behaviors that create a culture in which individuals and organizations are able to work together efficiently and effectively.
IFC's Industry Foundation Classes
IAI Internation Alliance for Interpoperability
Georeference Refers to exactly locating something in the virtual world, via coordinate systems. Georeferenced buildings are tied to established coordinate systems such that they can be rapidly located in their proper place and time
Design/Build Integrated delivery process with a single source of accountability for both design and construction.
Design/Bid/Build Delivery process where an owner hold separate contracts with separate entities for design and construction. This is considered to be the “traditional” method for procuring design and construction services.
CAD Object These objects are symbols and 3D representations that are static (line work with little or no intelligence). These objects are “instance-based” i.e. each use requires a new “instance” of the object, tailored to the specific situation
buildingSMART alliance Organization within the worldwide International Alliance for Interoperability, with the mission of improving all aspects of the facility and infrastructure lifecycle by promoting collaboration, technology, integrated practices and open standards
5D Building Information Model with time and construction information additions (virtual building model with cost and project management)
BIMStorm BIMstorm is a software as webservice project for real-time collaboration using open standards.
4D Building Information Model with the addition of time (virtual building model with scheduling)
3D Analogous to sculpture. Prior to computers, architects manually constructed perspectives and physical (cardboard, Foamcore, balsa) models to represent a project’s design concepts.
2D Analogous to painting or hand drafting. Blueprints, construction documents and anything output (or drawn on) paper are 2D
Five Broad Principles of BIM Knowledge Certainty Communication Inter-operability Integration
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