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list 3 commonly used pregnancy tests 1.) hemagglatination inhibition (home test) 2.) enzyme immunoassays (confidot) 3.) ELISHA (home test)
6 presumptive signs of pregnancy 1.) amenorrhea 2.) N/V 3.) fatigue 4.) breast changes 5.) frequent urination 6.) quickening
6 probable signs of pregnancy 1.) abdominal distension 2.) hegar's sign 3.)inc. vaginal secretions 4.) braxton-hicks contractions 5.)ballottement 6.) pregnancy tests
causes of a positive/negative pregnancy test substance abuse, hormone producing tumors, not 1st a.m. void, bld in urine, premature menopause, prescriptions drugs (antianxiety, anticoagulants)
causes of frequent urination bladder infection, diabetes, emotional upsets, dec. ADH
causes of amenorrhea pituitary imbalance, stress, local infection. irr. period, neoplasm
causes of braxton-hicks contractions peristalsis, pseudocyesis
discomforts of 1st trimester n/v, frequent urination, breast changes, fatigue, dizziness/faintness, emotional changes
normal hct & hgb levels hct: 38-45% hgb: 12-15
nursing interventions for faintness.dizziness, fatigue get up slowly, prenatal vit. (iron + folic acid), inc. fluids during the day, 6-8 meals/day
discomforts of 2nd trimester heartburn,constipation/flatulence, muscle cramps/spasms, vaginal discharge, nose bleeds, headaches, inc. salivation, heart pounding, pelvic discomfort, emotional changes
nursing interventions for muscle cramps dorsal fles, dec. milk intake
causes of muscle cramps dec. Ca level, inc P, circulation impaired, pressure on nerves
causes of vaginal discharge inc estrogen + bld supply + normal secretion, parasite, inc. glycogen content of vaginal epithelium, pre-existing infection
s/s of trichomonas vaginalis profuse, irritating, foamy secretions, yellow odorous, itching
discomforts of 3rd trimester dyspnea, supine hypotensive syndrome, braxton-hicks contractions, varicosites, freq. urination, edema of lower extremities, back ache, waddling, bleeding gums, fatigue, insomnia, emotional changes
causes of supine hypotensive syndrome uterus compresses inferior vena cava when lying on back
nursing intervention for supine hypotensive syndrome left lateral position
calculate EDB LMP-3months + 7days add 1 year of LMP > March 24
1st visit to clinic or MD's office discuss risky lifestyles w/ pregnancy, i.d health issues, history, medical exam, lab studies
how + when is the FHR checked after audible 12-16w using ultrasonic stethoscope 20-24w w/ conventional stethoscope
Created by: kamia2010